Why Travel Makes You Awesome

It’s no surprise that traveling is good for the soul, but did you know that it’s also good for your character? People with wanderlust all agree that canvassing the world has changed them for the better. There’s no greater way to become a more well-rounded, compassionate, cultured person than to travel the world. If you don’t believe that traveling can change your life, read on to learn how sightseeing in some new countries can transform you into a better version of yourself.


1. You become more gregarious

Even the most introverted of travelers learn to tap into their social side when they’re across the globe. When you’re in a new country around new people, you learn that you almost have to talk to strangers. You’ll need directions sometimes, or want a local’s recommendation and you have two choices: be tight lipped and waste time and money or start talking to the locals to get their help and guidance. You’ll find that you have more in common with people than you would have previously imagined and you may be surprised at how friendly other country’s citizens are! Some of the best friendships have come from striking up conversations in the oddest of places.


2. More adaptable to changing plans

Travelers know better than anyone that they should always expect the unexpected. Flights get canceled, tours run late, you get lost, etc. The first few times these things happen, you may panic and stress yourself out. You can’t plan every detail, as much as you may try. But, seasoned explorers soon learn to roll with the punches and enjoy the experience sans the extra stress. Frequent travelers know that sometimes getting lost leads to a more beautiful path or that those dreaded delays can create new friendships. And that stress-free, laid back attitude can translate to a better perspective and more success in other areas of life, too.


3. Become more confident

Traveling the world has a way of boosting one’s confidence. It turns you into a more interesting, cultured person with plenty of intriguing stories to share about your experiences. Most often, when people travel frequently, they try new things that were previously out of their comfort zone. They explore on their own or experiment with new foods or push their fear of heights by doing a zip-line tour. And honestly, once you’ve tried eating fried cockroaches in the middle east and survived a jungle camping experience, you’re bound to feel your confidence soar!


4. More conscious

When you travel the world and meet people from a myriad of backgrounds, it tends to open your mind. You become more conscious of yourself, your surroundings, other cultures, your own personal biases, etc. Life can be put into stark perspective if you travel to third world countries and see how happy people are with so very little. You become less materialistic in return and tend to become more giving. It instills a sense of appreciation for your life and the people in it. It’s also so easy to get wrapped up in our first world problems, but when you travel, you tend to see the bigger picture. Most globe-trotters become more conscious citizens of this beautiful planet and all that it encompasses due to their appreciation for seeing everything first hand.


5. Increased creativity and brain power

If you’re a writer, you understand how just a change of scenery can help with writer’s block. Well, imagine what exploring different countries can do for your creative spark! Not to mention, all that you’ll learn about the world and experience while you’re traveling can translate into some pretty creative stories or ideas.


6. You learn to be present

In this day and age of electronics and nonstop distractions, most people find it difficult to truly disconnect from the virtual world and be fully present in the real, physical world. Traveling allows you to do just that. You can recharge your brain while taking in the fresh air on a secluded beach or while perusing an art fair in the middle of a bustling city. You’ll learn to appreciate sights and smells and feelings in a way you never did before, because you’re fully focused on that moment and not work, or your household chores or what your friends are posting on Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a plane ticket and discover just how awesome you can be!

Kimberly Beard

Kim is the Retention Marketing Manager for ParkSleepFly.