The Top Travel News Sources to Follow

The Top Travel News Sources to Follow

With the myriad of travel articles, websites, and blogs on the internet, it may feel like you need a vacation after browsing through some of them. Instead of trying to follow them all, just subscribe to the best with these top inspiring, authoritative and entertaining sources.

1.) Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is the creator of one of the most robust and informative travel guides on the market. Over the past few years, they’ve really pushed to make their web presence better known. Dominated by stunning videos and beautiful landscapes, Lonely Planet’s site should be your first stop if you’re looking for travel inspiration. 

2.) The Points Guy
If you think you can’t afford your dream trip, you need to spend more time at The Points Guy’s site. Not only is this resource chock-full of beautiful imagery and practical tips, but it’s a veritable treasure trove of information for those traveling on a budget. Find ways to utilize the best credit card perks for free flights and then find a great deal on one, all in the same place!

3.) Conde Nast Traveler
Conde Nast is the premier travel website pulling in over 7 million unique visitors each month. If you are planning a trip, you won’t need any other resource than this site. You can read all about destinations that suit your family, as well as current news from those locations. Read up on the food and culture or get some help planning the trip of a lifetime with their tips and recommendations. 

4.) Travel + Leisure
This publication has been inspiring wanderlust in all of us for decades. Thanks to their eye-catching website and social media presence, you no longer have to wait by your mailbox each month to get travel ideas.

5.) Rick Steves
If you’re the type that relishes the details of everything, you should be following Rick Steves. His guidebooks are world-renowned and give you every bit of detail you’re itching to read about your destination.

6.) Airport Parking Reservations
Our sister site isn’t just a booking engine where you can score great deals; if you follow the blog, you’ll find articles that run the travel gamut from inexpensive destinations to handy travel products. 

7.) FlyerTalk
Travelers who like reading multiple opinions on a destination before booking their next trip will love FlyerTalk’s forum. Here, members can discuss everything travel-related from last minute deals to whether a destination is appropriate for a family with small children. 

8.) BBC Travel
History aficionados love the culture and historical aspects of BBC Travel’s destination guides. They’ll help you appreciate your destination more by enlightening you on its past. 

9.) National Geographic Travel
You grew up enthralled by the beauty of National Geographic magazine, so why not let the iconic magazine inspire your next trip? Peruse thousands of award-winning photographs and read through travel stories to help you curate the trip of a lifetime. 

10.) USA Today Travel
USA Today doesn’t just provide local news, it also keeps you abreast of all things travel-related. You can read travel updates and news, or just scroll through comments to get an unbiased view of a destination.

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