This Weeks Best Travel Photos on Instagram

Everybody loves travel photography and it is a great way of getting the wheels turning on your next vacation.

This one from @daniel_ernst has us considering a cold-weather adventure!

The magical Lofoten Islands are definitely being added to our adventure travel bucket list.



Speaking of magical, check out this insanely beautiful video from one of our personal favorites @karl_shakur

The northern lights in Iceland just went up two spots on our travel list.




If you didn’t see the lunar eclipse this week that is a bummer. Luckily we have this awesome documentation of it from @whereisweatherby over the Ballast Point Fishing Pier in Tampa, FL.




Love this fun one from @nateinthewild that has us wanting to run up to the mountains and frolic in its glory!




So Thailand looks incredible via @zeebalife 

We are also completely in favor of taking ourselves on a date to any and every tropical paradise.




Truly a pastel dream that has us checking Switzerland flight prices, thanks to @michelphotography_ch 




@krenn_imre with this very surreal shot of  Venice, Italy has us ready to pack our bags and go explore museums and architecture in this beautiful city.




Awesome one from @heykelseyj that has us itching for our next hiking adventure, and consider watching Birdbox?




malthezimakoff  WOW.. just wow.


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