The Secrets to Getting a Hotel Room Upgrade 

There’s no science to getting an upgrade when checking in to your hotel; it’s rather more like an art. There are so many factors that go into receiving a free upgrade, such as hotel availability, your demeanor and the mood of the customer service agent when you check-in. Despite those factors, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting the room you desire. Read on for our tips and secrets to getting the hotel room upgrade you deserve.

1.) Look the part
The saying “dress for success” isn’t just a boring platitude. There have been times we’ve checked into a hotel after a long flight dressed in pajamas and barely got a hello from the desk agent, and other times when we’ve waltzed in straight from a business meeting and received an upgrade without any prompting. If you look professional, the chances are much higher for you getting an upgrade that matches your sleek appearance.

2.) Speak up
People who work at hotels are usually quite hospitable, so they typically want to make your stay the best it can be. If you’d be happier in a higher category room, tell the agent at check-in and they’ll usually be able to accommodate your request, as long as it’s within reason. If that fails, it doesn’t hurt to ask if the hotel has any current promotions on social media or any trade-off such as leaving a review in exchange for an upgrade.

3.) Be polite and friendly
This goes without saying really, but be polite. If you chat up the front desk agent and ask nicely for an upgrade, you may be pleasantly surprised.

4.) Share a celebration
Honeymooners stand the highest chance of getting free upgrades, but other celebrations can be equally as fortuitous. So, if you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, even something as simple as a new job, mention it as often as possible: while making your reservation, when you call to confirm and then again at check-in.

5.) Be loyal
Some major chains offer upgrades as part of their loyalty programs, so being brand-loyal can be quite helpful. And if you travel to the same hotel frequently, it doesn’t hurt to become friendly with the employees. Hotel representatives will often go out of their way for their favorite repeat customers.

6.) Try a new chain
On the flip side, some hotels will welcome new (and potential repeat)customers by wooing them with free perks like complimentary breakfast or free room upgrades. If you’ve always been brand-loyal, but crave a nicer room, it may be beneficial to give that hotel you’ve always wanted to try a shot.

7.) Be an internet stalker
If you have some accommodations in mind already, follow their brands on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram a couple of months before booking. Some places offer promotions on social media specifically for their followers. We even received free breakfast for our entire stay once for casually mentioning upon check-in that we follow the hotel chain on social media; you never know how it can pay off.

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