Slot Auctions out of Newark

MarketWatch in Washington, D.C. reported recently that the Air Transport Association (ATA) is filing a lawsuit agaiinst the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) because the ATA believes the FAA is acting unlawfully in its decision to auction off slots at Newark Airport.  James C. May, the CEO and President of ATA, commented to MarketWatch that, regarding the FAA’s actions, “inhibit economic growth and further tax an already overtaxed traveling public.”  On page six of the ATA’s comments to the FAA on this matter, the FAA has not begun this auction with the consent of Congress, which would be necessary in order for the auction to be legal.

If the FAA legally administers this auction, and the ATA’s assessment holds true, travelers can expect further increases in the cost of traveling, at least when it comes to the airlines itself.  As far as parking and airport hotel reservations are concerned, ParkSleepFly is dedicated as ever to bring you affordable rates, hoping to lessen the cost of travel so that you needn’t sacrifice your vacation plans.

Suppose you’re checking into the Raddison, ranked four stars by fellow customers who have stayed there, for one week.  For less than two hundred dollars, you could stay at the hotel the night before you fly and park there for the entire week, with a free shuttle that will transport you between your terminal and the hotel.  So even if traveling in and out of Newark Liberty Airport were to become more expensive, at least you could park and stay at a nearby hotel for affordable rates.

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