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Luxury Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

Most honeymoons are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so you want to make sure you relish it. Whether you’re looking for boundless romance, a beautiful spot in the sand or exhilarating activities, these luxury honeymoon destinations won’t disappoint!

Plane & Simple: Adventures with Midlife Road Trip

Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna are the co-hosts of Midlife Road Trip, and they’re seasoned travelers who bring the unknown travel world to their followers. Rick and Sandi met through the Twitter travel community years ago, and they’ve been spreading the joy of travel online since then! Strong believers in the “cure-all” effect of travel, Rick and Sandi came by to give our readers some “plane and simple” travel advice coupled with their outrageous travel stories!

The Top Travel News Sources to Follow

The Top Travel News Sources to Follow

With the myriad of travel articles, websites, and blogs on the internet, it may feel like you need a vacation after browsing through some of them. Instead of trying to follow them all, just subscribe to the best with these top inspiring, authoritative and entertaining sources.

5 Quick Hacks: Don’t Let Lost Luggage Ruin Your Trip

Lost Luggage Hacks

One of the biggest hassles that can come with traveling is losing your luggage. This is particularly aggravating if you have items essential to your trip that cannot be easily replaced at your destination. Follow these tips to help you avoid the frustration of dealing with missing bags and suitcases.