How to Keep an Awesome Travel Journal

Frequent travelers love nothing more than to reminisce about those blissful vacation days spent soaking up the sun with cocktails in hand. But, as any frequent traveler can tell you, it is easy to forget all the special little details of a trip. Unfortunately, it won’t be long before you forget about that cafe you loved in Brussels or the name of the nice man you met on the train to Sydney. So unless you take lots of pictures and write things down, chances are those precious memories of some of the best days of your life will start to fade away into oblivion. So, how do you keep these great memories at the forefront of your mind? Create an amazing travel journal that will encourage you to write, and then read later!

The Unspoken Etiquette for Flying 

Few things in this world are as awkward and uncomfortable as a long flight, and that feeling can be compounded tenfold by rude seat-mates. If you’ve ever been stuck in the middle seat with armrest hogs on either side of you, you know what we mean. We’re aware that our readers are polite and respectful of other passengers, but if anyone you know needs a refresher on airplane etiquette, here is a handy reference; we’re also not opposed to you printing a few copies and leaving them in airports or surreptitiously on the seats of rude passengers.

Top 10 Small Towns to Travel to in the U.S.

If you’re looking to experience “quintessential America” on your next vacation, ditch the big cities and head to one of the charming small towns dotted across this beautiful country. You’ll get better value (and hospitality) for your money and more of an authentic American experience than if you spent a week in a highly commercialized and tourist-laden city. If you need some inspiration, start with our list of the top 10 small American towns!

Why Park Sleep Fly is Perfect for Frequent Business Flyers

When you fly frequently for business, you need a handful of dependable companies that you can rely upon without much forethought. Whether you have a quick meeting you need to attend first thing in the morning or if you’re staying for a long conference, Park Sleep Fly has you covered with their easy and comprehensive packages!

This Weeks Best Travel Photos on Instagram

Everybody loves travel photography and it is a great way of getting the wheels turning on your next vacation.

This one from @daniel_ernst has us considering a cold-weather adventure!

The magical Lofoten Islands are definitely being added to our adventure travel bucket list.