Health and Wellness Trips are Paving the Way for 2019 Travel

One of the fastest growing trends in travel right now is wellness-based vacations, and we foresee that this trend will only gain traction in the new year with healthy goals and resolutions being made worldwide. If you want to jump on the self-improvement vacation bandwagon, but are unsure of where to begin, take a look at our breakdown of some of the categories in this healthy new vacation trend!

13 Last Minute Vacations for Thanksgiving Weekend

If you originally decided to stay home this Thanksgiving but are now itching for a new adventure, it’s not too late to book a last minute Thanksgiving getaway. If you need inspiration, look no further than these 13 great places to spend your Thanksgiving this year!

The Risks and Benefits of Payment Installment Plans for Travel

In this “bucket list” generation, many people are forgoing the old-school way of saving up for the tame beach vacations of yesteryear and instead are opting to take their dream trips right now, regardless of the money they’ve saved. How is that even possible? With the advent of companies which allow you to make payments on your dream trip, even people who have no life-savings are able to take the vacation of a lifetime. If you’ve never thought of paying for your dream vacation on what is essentially a layaway program, keep reading for our guide to payment installment plans for traveling.

Deals on Beach Hotels for Thanksgiving Weekend

With winter fast approaching, it’s a great time to start daydreaming about (and hopefully planning) a getaway someplace nice and warm. But, once you see the prices of accommodations in ocean-side towns, it’s easy to scrap the idea altogether. But, don’t give up your hopes of a nice vacation just yet! If you’ve been dreaming of sandy beaches and the calming sound of ocean waves, and can’t afford the sticker shock of pricey hotels on the waterfront, read below for our tips for getting the best deal on your next tropical getaway!

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving Travel?

Many people have to travel for business throughout the year. Planning these trips is nothing like those that take place around the holidays. Thanksgiving is definitely one of the most traveled and anticipated holidays for those flying to their destinations. These are trips that involve getting the opportunity to connect with friends and family who are miles away from you.