Top Art Museums in Europe

There’s no shortage of cultural experiences to be had while visiting Europe. You can spend time sight-seeing at castles, cathedrals and old forts, but nothing compares to walking through a fabulous art gallery reveling in the creative styles of the region. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, you’d be remiss not to check out these top art museums.

10 Best Budget Destinations for March

If you have cabin fever but you’re sticking to a set budget, you may think you’re destined to endure the cold until June. But fear not dear readers; March is one of the best months for budget travel! Many of the winter crowds are dying down and it’s still too early for summer travelers, which translates to great deals on flights and hotels. To help you get started, here are the 10 best budget destinations you can enjoy this March.

Our Top 10 Favorite Movies that Inspire Travel

Movies are a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life. Within minutes, you can be transported to an entirely different place, complete with new characters and fresh experiences. For days when your next vacation seems too far away and you’re wishing you were “anywhere but here,” check out these great movies that will spark your wanderlust in a big way.

The Secrets to Getting a Hotel Room Upgrade 

There’s no science to getting an upgrade when checking in to your hotel; it’s rather more like an art. There are so many factors that go into receiving a free upgrade, such as hotel availability, your demeanor and the mood of the customer service agent when you check-in. Despite those factors, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting the room you desire. Read on for our tips and secrets to getting the hotel room upgrade you deserve.

6 Last Minute President’s Day Weekend Travel Destinations 

If you’re getting cabin fever having endured this brutally cold winter, why not consider flying the coop and taking a last minute vacation this President’s Day? Schools are closed for the long weekend so you can enjoy a nice family getaway, or pack up your spouse and surprise them with a well-deserved (and much-needed) spa vacation. If you need some inspiration, here are 6 great last-minute vacation ideas to get your wanderlust piqued.