New and Noteworthy Travel Apps

If you’re traveling this year, you’ll want to have some handy apps at your disposal to help you along the way. New apps are being created daily and since the travel industry is a multi-billion dollar market, countless travel apps in particular emerge every year. Granted, not all are worthy of your time or money, but some are just too good to do without! To help you wade through the sea of newcomers, we’ve gone through the newest travel apps and compiled our top 7 favorites of the bunch.


1. WiFi Map

Conveniently available for both Apple and Android products, this handy little travel app is a lifesaver for anyone who has to work while on vacation. You’ll never have to worry about data charges or hunting down a free wi-fi spot ever again thanks to this crowd-sourcing app. Members all over the world can enter any free wifi spots that they find into the app (along with the password needed to access the connection) in order to help future travelers save on data charges. The kindness of strangers is amazing, isn’t it? Don’t forget to return the favor and add your finds to the database.

Are You Too Sick to Travel?

Traveling while sick is not anyone’s favorite past-time. But, sometimes you absolutely have to. Maybe you can’t miss that meeting or postponing your flight would mean having to miss an important event. Sometimes it isn’t financially possible to reschedule your trip, especially since airlines are quite reluctant to give refunds (or even partial credit) unless it’s for a true emergency.


While it’s certainly not advisable, some illnesses are minor enough that you can fly under the radar. But some maladies can be exacerbated by the rigors of travel, making you much sicker than you were to begin with. And then there’s also the fact that some sicknesses are highly contagious and could impact hundreds of other passengers, particularly the young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If you’re truly on the fence about how sick you may be, how can you tell if you’re too sick to safely travel? We’re here to give you some general guidelines that will help you assess whether you should wing it or start calling the airline to reschedule your travel plans.

A Tour of Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and diverse country where ancient ruins meet modern cities. Since November through February are the best months to visit, we’ve scoped out some notable spots. Here’s a little tour of Thailand to inspire your next trip.



Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and largest city. Come here for a lively nightlife scene, beautiful shrines, and lots and lots of Buddhas.




Are Frequent Flyer Programs Worth it?

Travelers are often bombarded with requests to join loyalty programs when they fly with a new airline, and these programs sometimes seem like a great way to claim a status and earn flights with an airline. But, are these perks worth it? Does it cost more in the long run trying to earn enough points with an airline for the free flight than if you just booked a cheaper flight to begin with? Are the free flights worth the aggravation of trying to find availability? Read on for our take on whether or not frequent flyer programs are a bargain or just a scheme airlines use to gouge their loyal customers.


How loyalty programs have changed over the years

Loyalty seems to be an arcane idea when it comes to businesses. Where loyalty programs used to reward travelers for the actual miles they flew with one particular airline (hence the names frequent flyer miles and loyalty miles,) now it’s all about the money. With many programs newly revamped, you now earn points based on how much you spend on your flights, not how frequently or how often you fly brand loyal.

10 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

There are so many gorgeous places around the world that are worthy of the top spot on your traveling bucket list. But, there are a few locales, in particular, that should take priority due to their threatened status. Chances are good that these 10 places won’t remain spectacular for much longer. If any of the destinations on our list are also on your list, you better get moving on your plans to visit before they disappear forever!


1. Dead Sea, Jordan


This beautiful sea, located amidst the vast desert, is truly a sight to behold, but if you want to see it, you ought to book a trip soon. Experts don’t foresee the Dead Sea lasting more than the next 50 years, unfortunately. In just the past 40 years, over a third of the Dead Sea has disappeared after sinking over 80 feet. The Dead Sea gets its water from the River Jordan, which countries all around the sea are depleting, leaving the Dead Sea to dry out in the desert sun.