Timing is Everything

When we travel, timing is more important than in most other activities we undergo.  If we do not wake up in time, we miss our flight.  If we leave the house too late, we miss our flight.  If we miss our first flight, we could miss our connecting flight, and so on and so forth.  When it comes to timing, a missed step or a late journey can snowball into a timing disaster.  No one can avoid all possible and unforeseen delays, but by planning ahead, travelers can impact their timing accuracy.

One of the ways travelers have always prepared early for a trip is to pack ahead of time.  To make sure all laundry and dry cleaning is ready and picked up, make sure the mail is set to be held, in advance, and to book as much of the trip ahead of time as possible.  People don’t typically walk into an airport and hope to purchase a ticket for their ideal flight right then and there, mere hours before the plane takes off.  Most now buy their tickets online.

The same can be said for hotel reservations at their destination.  But what about hotel reservations at the airport?  The best way to be on time for your early morning flight is to wake up mere minutes from the airport.  Instead of enduring what could be a long, frustrating and traffic-filled trip from your home or office to the airport, you could wake up, walk downstairs and board a complimentary shuttle, ride five minutes to your terminal, and arrive before the crowds have even left their homes, if you so choose.

When you travel, timing is everything, so why not reserve your advantage with ParkSleepFly and be certain that you’ll not only get to the airport in time to make your flight, but with time to spare.  Why would you want time to spare?  Wouldn’t that be boring?  If you bring a book with you, or something else to pass your time, you may later be grateful for the spare time.  It may help cushion the unforeseen delays, and if not, can provide some relaxation time before you travel, and that is a rare commodity.

Sleep to Avoid Headaches

For years, aspirins and other medicines have always claimed their ability to conquer and banish a headache.  Not many of them can claim to prevent a headache without side effects.  What if you could avoid a travel headache altogether?  Prevent it, before it even crosses your mind to allow a headache…without medicine or side effects?

Okay, so we’re not saying don’t bring along your Tylenol.  What if you bump your head on the overhead compartment?  But we’re not talking about the kind of headaches that come from hitting your head; we’re talking about the kind that come from not getting enough sleep.  Thousands of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, and while many times, that is caused by something perhaps out of our control.  Many times though, we stay up late to catch up on work, wake up early to get a head start, and work through our lunch break so that we don’t fall behind.  We work weekends, and bring a laptop on vacation so we don’t return a desk buried in work.

Every opportunity to safely rest should be snatched up, and ParkSleepFly is ready to provide that opportunity.  By reserving a hotel room for the night before your flight (or the night after), you get the promise of a full night’s sleep.  Lack of sleep contributes not only to headaches, but to lethargy, weight gain, irritability, and in general, a whole slew of conditions that no one wants.

ParkSleepFly knows that you’re busy, and that you have lots of work to do while you travel.  But we want you to be comfortable and happy too.  Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep, because sleeping on a plane, at least in most seats, isn’t as restful as in a hotel room, on a big bed that you can have all to yourself.

The Convenience of Travel

So many times, travelers associate the idea of travel with hassle and inconveniences that they’d rather do without.  Traffic to get to the airport, difficulty parking, getting through luggage check and security, waiting for a flight that might be delayed…Following you’ll find a few tips that will make your trip more convenient and pleasant.

Pack according to security guidelines.  Your best chance of getting through security quickly is to follow the guidelines set in place for your protection, even though it may sometimes feel as though your personal property is being invaded.  Pack all liquids in clear bottles, in clear cases, and arrange your luggage contents logically.  The X-Ray machines are only as quick as those interpreting the screen, in other words, if you throw all of your belongings in hodge podge, you’re more likely to be asked to wait while your luggage is searched by hand.  Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily slip in and out of.  This choice serves a dual purpose: you’ll get through security with more ease and speed, and you’ll be more comfortable on your flight, without tight shoes on.

Bring a book or magazine, or your video iPod to the airport.  Chances are that even if your plane is on time, you’ll have some waiting to do.  Instead of sitting there, bored, plan ahead and bring something to occupy your time.  Bring something interesting…if it’s not interesting to you, it won’t satisfactorily pass the time.  Books are excellent for the flight as well; as of yet, there’s not a restriction in place on having a paperback comedy in your carry-on.

Travel to the airport can be the most stressful of all travel stressors, but with some more planning ahead (a common theme in travel convenience), you can book your parking, and even a hotel room on ParkSleepFly.com, granting you reserved access to convenience; you can entirely avoid rush hour type traffic on your way to or from the airport.  You can arrive at your terminal refreshed and calm, even if you are flying to an important business meeting that will decide the next ten years of your career.

Give yourself a bit of relaxation, and travel can go from stress to bliss.

Variety is the Spice of Life…

…And choice is the privilege.  Your privilege, especially at ParkSleepFly.  As with many services, the more advanced or elegant, the higher the price.  Booking a room at a five star hotel costs a bit different than booking at a two star hotel.  If you’re looking to save a few more dollars, you might sacrifice a star…or maybe you’ll sacrifice a few dollars to get that extra benefit.

At ParkSleepFly, you have the choice.  Each search results in a variety of hotels and motels, so that you can pick the one that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  Once you’ve chosen which airport hotel you’d like to book your room at, reserving the room is easy and secure.  One click will lead you to a quick form and you’re on your way.  A small deposit can be made over ParkSleepFly’s secure, hacker-free system.

Just like the hotels offered for reservation, ParkSleepFly cares about your security, safety and peace of mind.  That’s why ParkSleepFly exists…to provide you peace of mind during your journey so that your travel experience is as pleasant as possible.  You won’t have to worry about feeling roped in or convinced to make a certain choice, because all of your options are presented from the beginning, with all of the pertinent information, so that you can make an informed decision, and enjoy the options that variety brings.

Less Flights Mean More Money…Unless Traveling with ParkSleepFly

As we move further along in our declining economy, and fuel prices continue to make travel more expensive, airlines have done what they could to shift some of their cost to travelers, in order to continue offering the same variety and frequency of flights.  Unfortunately, airlines are still going to have to cut the amount and frequency of flights, beginning with direct flights, domestic and international.

What does this mean for travelers?  More people per flight, more money per flight, more traffic getting to the airport, fewer and more expensive parking spaces and longer lines.  ParkSleepFly can’t do anything to help with the amount of people per flight, but can help to offset all of those other inconveniences and travel hardships.

Don’t want to miss your flight because of long lines to get through security?  Stay overnight at an airport hotel so that you’re only a ten minute ride away.  Park at the hotel to save on parking rates and avoid the hassle of finding first-come, first-served parking spaces at the airport, where rates will be rising to deter the overfilling of parking areas.  A safe and complimentary shuttle will transport you between your hotel and your terminal.

Avoid driving at times of heavy traffic.  If you’re catching an early morning flight or returning late at night, avoid driving hazards such as drowsiness by staying in your pre-booked hotel room near the airport.  Save on the cost of your trip, be it for vacation or business, by booking your airport hotel and parking ahead of time on ParkSleepFly.  With some planning and forethought, traveling needn’t be a hassle, or overly expensive, even if the airlines must adjust their flights to accommodate our current economic situation.