Avoiding Fees

As airport hotels, along with other hotels, seek to find new fees (akin to those associated with minibar and ordering movies and food), travelers are looking for ways to spot unnecessary fees.  Another travel blog cited the reason for travelers being billed for unknown fees is that they’re in such a rush to leave the hotel in order to get to the airport on time that they don’t bother to look over the bill and verify that there aren’t any errors.  However, if these travelers stay at airport hotels instead of just hotels in the same city as the airport, then there would be no rush to sign the bill upon checking out.

First, it’s important to know the difference between a hotel and an airport hotel.  An airport hotel doesn’t simply mean the accommodations are close to an airport, but rather that an airport hotel offers a park sleep and fly package, combining a reservation in a hotel room with a parking space.  Airport hotels also offer complementary shuttles, along with an assortment of additional amenities that are sometimes specific to the particular airport hotel.

It is that complementary shuttle that makes all the difference.  Rather than rushing to meet a taxi so as to not rack up charges on the running meter, and perhaps not reading the bill carefully, travelers who stay at airport hotels, who can make use of the shuttles, have all the time they need to peruse each item listed on their check-out bill.  Are airport hotels trying to scam travelers?  Of course not; without travelers, airport hotels would be empty and then wouldn’t have any revenue whatsoever.  But travelers do need to remember that different hotels have different fee schedules, and also that mistakes can be made.  Reviewing a bill before signing for the charges can make travel less stressful; no one wants to return to a credit card bill that’s higher than anticipated simply because he or she stayed at a hotel instead of an airport hotel.

Of course, when travelers book with ParkSleepFly, there is no need for concern about extra hotel fees.  Travelers know exactly what to expect from each airport hotel because PSF provides detailed information during the search process.

Pittsburgh Marriott Airport Hotel

Today’s news featured a story about the Pittsburgh Marriott Airport Hotel and how it will feature a Regatta Bar and Grille, one of many amenities that contribute to its stellar reputation.  As airport hotels go, this one is among the higher rated, holding a four star industry rating.  Other amenities include state of the art technology and a proximity to not only IKEA, but also to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).

As an airport hotel, the Pittsburgh Marriott Airport Hotel offers a ParkSleepFly package, which not only includes one night’s stay, but also parking and a complementary shuttle between the hotel and your terminal.  Choosing to stay the night at an airport hotel the night before or after your flight will add relaxation to any trip, be it vacation or business.  Why not stay at an airport hotel that not only offers comfort and technology, but also free parking?

You can rest assured (both during your night’s stay and your trip) that your car will be safe and well-looked after, and that there’ll be a shuttle available to transport you between your car and the airport…and more specifically, your terminal.  Safety, comfort, peace of mind and free parking…what else can a traveler ask from an airport hotel?

EasyPay doesn’t mean LessPay

Recently, plans to install “EasyPay” machines near the baggage claim areas of Tucson’s airport were confirmed.  The hope with installing these machines is that exits from the airport’s parking lots will be more efficient by allowing patrons to pay for their parking by credit or debit card before they even get to their car.  While this will make exiting the lot more efficient, it might bring about an increase in the cost to park at one of the airport’s lots.

As always, ParkSleepFly is devoted to bringing you the best rates and service.  If you don’t want to suffer an increase in parking rates, you may want to consider booking your parking ahead of time with ParkSleepFly, especially since you can book a night at an airport hotel at the same time for a competitive rate.  By parking off-site and making use of the complimentary shuttles, you can do your part to help parking lot efficiency…without having to pay extra.  In fact, when you book a hotel room at an airport hotel using PSF, your rate includes seven to fourteen days of free parking.  Furthermore, the hotel room frequently costs less than if you were to book it elsewhere, and less than paying to park in the airport’s parking lots.

So what should you expect from the airport hotels surrounding the airport?  A variety of choices await you.  With more than thirty airport hotels, holding industry rankings from one to four stars, you can choose the right match for your budget and your needs.  The majority of ranked hotels are three stars, which typically means a comfortable bed in a clean room plus some amenities.  While it’s not likely you’ll find a man wearing a tuxedo and playing a grand piano in a room lit by sparkling chandeliers, you can usually count on room service, free wi-fi and sometimes even a pool.  You can definitely rely on a complimentary shuttle from the hotel to your terminal and, at the end of your trip, back to the hotel to retrieve your vehicle.

Seattle Construction and Parking

If you’re planning on flying in or out of Seattle (SEA-TAC), and you were planning to simply park at the airport, you’ll want to rethink your plans for two reasons.  The first is that due to the construction, the north entrance to the parking garage is closed.  This construction has caused unanticipated delays of varying amounts of time.  The second reason you’ll want to rethink your parking options is that to park in the spaces provided by the airport is very expensive.

Delays in the parking lot can cause you to miss your flight.  While the garage implements a floor count system, allowing you to find the free spaces more quickly, getting in and out of the garage is a big to-do as of late.  Is it worth missing your flight just to find a parking space?  The answer is no, if you know about ParkSleepFly, where you can book not only your parking, but also a hotel room in advance.  You could further prevent missing your flight by staying overnight near the airport.  The construction also causes traffic getting to and from the terminals; parking with a hotel reserved on PSF means you’ll have a complimentary shuttle ride to your terminal; because you’ll have slept just a couple of miles away, you can get to the terminal in time to catch your flight.

Regarding the price to park, it costs more to park in one of the airport’s parking lots for five to seven days then to park at an airport hotel for a week…the latter includes one night’s reservation for a room.  Seattle’s airport is a busy one, which means that you have a variety of choices when it comes to which hotel you choose.

PSF offers the ability to reserve your hotel room at over a dozen hotels, all with industry rankings of one to three stars and customer ratings of three and four stars.  All customer ratings are based on surveys completed by ParkSleepFly customers after they’ve stayed in the hotel.  Because you have a range of choices in the quality of the room that you book, you can custom tailor your arrangements to your budget.

Seven days of parking plus one night in a hotel will cost anywhere from $79.99 to $119.99.  For fourteen days of parking and one night in a hotel, you can expect to pay $139.00.  Of course, these prices may vary depending on what time of year you’re traveling.  These were quoted assuming a travel period in the beginning of October.  What if you need an extra day or two of parking?  Depending on the hotel you choose, that can cost less than $7.

And what about the parking at the airport itself?  You can expect to pay $130 for five to seven days of parking…that’s without the hotel room.  Need an extra day or two?  Each twenty-four hours extra will cost you $26.  Let’s suppose that you’re traveling for nine days.  If you book with PSF, you could pay anywhere from $94 to $134, depending on the quality of the hotel.  That would earn you nine days of parking and one night staying at the hotel.  If you were to park (no reservations) the same nine days from SEA-TAC, you could expect to pay $156…and that doesn’t include a hotel room.

Orlando in October

Unfortunately for Orlando, Florida, there has been a decrease in travel.However, for the traveler who has always wanted to visit Orlando, or for the traveler flying out of Orlando, now is a good time to book airport hotels.Perhaps you have family or friends who live in or near Orlando, Florida.Even if your flight arrives late at night, you can have a place to sleep without asking your friend or family member to drive to the airport at that late hour when you book a room at one of the many Orlando airport hotels on ParkSleepFly.Your friend or family member can pick you up the next morning, and they can pick you up from the hotel instead of the airport, saving the need to pass through parking security and potential morning traffic near the terminals.

If you’re flying out of Orlando, now is the time to book your trip.Rates are projected to remain low until the elections, meaning that the month of October is a good month for travel.For less than $130, you can get a room for two people and up to fourteen days of parking.If you need to park longer than fourteen days, each additional day is as low as five dollars.You won’t find a lower airport parking rate than five dollars a day after two weeks of free parking with one night at a hotel.This rate was quoted for a trip beginning October 1, at the AmeriSuites Orlando Airport Northwest hotel, which carries a three star industry rating and a four star customer rating, based on over ninety surveys completed by customers of ParkSleepFly after their trip.

What can you expect to pay if you book elsewhere?Your rate for one night at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Orlando would be almost $180.The Courtyard Marriott carries an industry rating of three stars, just like the AmeriSuites Orlando Airport Northwest hotel, but you can expect to pay an extra $50, and it doesn’t come with parking.The least expensive parking rates if you park in one of the airport lots is $10 per day, or $140 for the two weeks.Add that onto the $180 and you can expect to pay $320 for a one night stay in a three star hotel and two weeks of airport parking.Remember that parking at the airport will cost at least twice as much per extra day as parking at the hotel you can reserve with ParkSleepFly.

Furthermore, you can’t reserve your airport parking with Orlando Airport; airport parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, which means you might not even find a parking space in the $10 a day lot, in which case you could expect your airport parking to cost $17 dollars per day, or over $230 for two weeks, just to park.