Stay at the New Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites San Francisco North

Many people love to stay up-to-date on the latest and the greatest. Well if you are one of those in-the-moment types of people, then you’ll love the new Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites San Francisco North located in South San Francisco, CA. This is a brand new hotel located just five minutes from the San Francisco International Airport.

If you want to be ten minutes from Downtown San Francisco, this is your hotel to pick. Enjoy free San Francisco Super Sightseeing Tours’ Pick-Up and Drop-off right at the hotel. You’ll easily see the Golden Gate Bridge and other popular attractions.

This is the ideal choice for the busy executive traveler or even that family on-the-go. Squeeze in a little sightseeing between business meetings with their free service. Families will love the convenience of planned tours available at their fingertips and not having to rush to plan everything.

The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & suites San Francisco offers many amenities that executives will enjoy. Every room has free high-speed T-1 Internet access, so you’ll never miss an e-mail or have trouble accessing the web. The free expanded morning breakfast offers both professional and leisure travelers the ability to eat breakfast when it is convenient for them, not during rushed hours that may be harder for them to fit in. Oversized guestrooms allow every guest to feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay. Whether you are preparing for that big business meeting or just trying to enjoy a family vacation, you’ll feel more “at home” in a room that isn’t cramped into a smaller space and always considers your comfort #1.

Try the Executive Fitness Room to grab a quick workout between business meetings. Enjoy the oversized whirlpool after your workout as a refreshing treat. You’ll be ready to face that business meeting with energy and vigor to spare after a session in our center.

Every room has amenities you’d find convenient for your office or home. Keep your valuables safe in your in-room digital safe. Take a phone meeting with a two-line speakerphone with dataport and voicemail. Get work done at an executive sized desk with comfortable ergonomic chair. When you are ready for a break, pour a cup of coffee from the coffeemaker or get a snack from a refrigerator and put it in the microwave.  It is like you have a Personal Assistant on hand, providing all of your needs during your stay to help you get your work done!

Avoid the Hassle of Your Early Morning Flight with ParkSleepFly

By now we’ve all seen that wonderful holiday-themed movie, Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin’s performance as a child left alone during the holidays is wonderful. The audience is on the edge of their seats for the memorable scene where the large extended family rushes through the airport to catch that plane to Paris to celebrate Christmas. Every adult thinks another adult “counted heads” and made sure they had everyone: they didn’t. The movie gets even funnier as Mom spends 48 frightful hours traveling to get back home to Chicago to her little boy, home alone.

Well you can avoid any potential scenes from movies or even just the unwanted stress of rushing to catch an early morning plane. Sign up for a ParkSleepFly package. With a ParkSleepFly package, you can sleep at the airport hotel the night before your flight. Just get up in the morning and go downstairs to get your flight to enjoy your holiday!

This makes your morning before airplane travel much more stress-free. You can get up later than you would if you were traveling to the airport. Your children will find the experience of getting ready for the airport much easier than a longer travel day. The convenience of a night’s stay in your local airport hotel can give you so many benefits. Why, it is like your vacation or holiday has already started! You begin to relax and feel that wonderful “away” feeling that we all feel when we travel.

These airport hotels offer many amenities that make starting your trip all the easier. Enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast. Have a swim in the pool or workout in the gym the night before to relax. Watch your favorite shows on premium cable television. Surf the Internet with wireless access. The only challenge to staying in an airport hotel: you may be so relaxed you won’t want to leave!

You can use this service at any airport that has a hotel. Visit ParkSleepFly for more details and to discover which hotels are connected to your airport.

Amenities Galore

Sometimes, choosing a hotel is all about amenities.If hotels are rated similarly, and the price is only a few dollars difference, how do you make your choice?You look at what the hotels offer and decide then, when compared with the price, which hotel best suits your needs by offering the value you require.Normally, if you’re comparing hotels, you have to go to the website of each hotel or you have to call each hotel to find out what amenities are offered and how much that particular hotel will cost for the night.However, when it comes to airport hotels, ParkSleepFly has all the information you need to choose the right hotel, presented together so that you can easily compare.

Let’s look at the airport hotels in Raleigh, North Carolina.There are five airport hotels serving Raleigh/Durham, or RDU.The average industry rating for these airport hotels is three stars, while customers of ParkSleepFly rate them at four to five stars (depending on the hotel.For the purpose of this discussion, we’re going to look at two of the five hotels: the Holiday Inn Raleigh Durham- RDU airport hotel and the Comfort Suites RTP Raleigh/Durham- RDU airport hotel, both of which offer an impressive list of amenities.

First let’s look at what’s offered by the Holiday Inn Raleigh Durham- RDU airport hotel.Travelers can dine in the restaurant and lounge, and exercise in the fitness center and indoor pool, which is also great if you’re traveling with children.High speed internet access and local phone calls are free, and this airport hotel features a fully-functional business center and meeting facilities.And of course, what airport hotel would be complete without an airport shuttle?The shuttle between the Holiday Inn Raleigh Durham- RDU airport hotel and the airport is complementary.

The Comfort Suites RTP Raleigh/Durham- RDU airport hotel offers free breakfast every day; continental on the weekends and a hot breakfast during the week.An outdoor seasonal pool accommodates swimmers when the weather permits, and there’s an exercise room as well.Each guest receives free coffee, local calls, high speed internet access and a free USA Today newspaper.Each suite contains the following amenities: a refrigerator, microwave, voice mail, coffee maker, iron (no more waiting to use the one iron owned by the hotel), ironing board, hair dryer and sleeper sofa.This airport hotel features a two-thousand square foot ballroom, large enough to accommodate up to two hundred people and a fully-functional business center.In addition to the free airport shuttle, the Comfort Suites RTP Raleigh/Durham- RDU airport hotel offers a free area shuttle that runs within a five mile radius Monday-Friday.

Both of these airport hotels offer similar rates.At the Holiday Inn Raleigh Durham-RDU airport hotel, you might stay in a room accommodating up to four people and get fourteen days of free parking for only $114.00.At the Comfort Suites RTP Raleigh/Durham- RDU airport hotel, you could expect to pay roughly $109.99 for a two person room and fourteen days of free parking.Both of these quotes were calculated for November 20, 2008 through November 21, 2008 and may differ based on when you’re actually making your reservations.However, as you can see, both hotels offer a myriad of amenities for reasonable prices…so how do you choose?Perhaps you need a room for four people, so you choose the Holiday Inn Raleigh Durham- RDU airport hotel, or maybe you really want to stay somewhere that offers an area shuttle, so you elect to reserve your room at the Comfort Suites RTP Raleigh/Durham- RDU airport hotel.

Either way, with ParkSleepFly, you’re bound to get a great deal at a comfortable and safe airport hotel that offers a variety of amenities to suit your every need.These two different examples are proof that it takes more than price to make a decision, as the price is only about a four dollar difference between these two airport hotels.

Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport Hotel

When flying in and out of Gatwick International Airport (LGW), travelers have the opportunity to stay at the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport, an airport hotel. Surely, there are plenty of hotels in the London area; what sets the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel apart from others? Because this airport hotel offers Park, Stay and Go packages, it’s an ideal choice for savvy travelers. The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel is a three-star establishment serving London, Surrey and Brighton and is only a half mile from Gatwick International Airport.

What are some of the amenities travelers can expect when staying at the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel? One of the amenities that sets this hotel apart from others and goes along with the Park, Stay and Go packages is a complementary shuttle that runs between the hotel and Gatwick International Airport twenty-four hours a day. Additionally, the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers valet services so that travelers needn’t spend time searching for parking spaces.

Additional amenities include those similar to other hotels as well as some unique offerings. The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers high speed internet access, and features conference and banquet facilities that can accommodate up to 120 people. Want to travel into the heart of London during your stay? The Gatwick Express London Victoria departs every thirty minutes to provide travelers convenient access to the city. Another unique feature of the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel is that if you’re traveling with children, they may stay for free, and even eat for free.

The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers a number of packages, each for different prices. The following quotes were estimated based on a stay in the hotel from November 20, 2008 through November 21, 2008. The Advance Purchase rate runs anywhere from seventy-one to eighty-nine pounds and requires full payment. The Advanced Purchase package is non-refundable, so be certain your travel plans are secure before taking advantage of these low rates. The Best Flexible rate ranges from seventy-nine to ninety-nine pounds, depending on the type of room you reserve. The Breakfast Flex rate is a little more, because a full breakfast is included for two adults. This rate may run from eighty-nine to one hundred nine pounds. Want to add a three-course dinner into the mix? You might expect to pay anywhere from 109-129 pounds.

What about parking? Earlier we mentioned Park, Stay and Go packages; the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers three different Park, Stay and Go packages to suit the duration of your travels. The Park, Stay and Go Four Days package can cost between ninety-four and one hundred fourteen pounds and provides four days of parking. The Park, Stay and Go Eight Days package offers eight days of parking and can cost between ninety-nine and one hundred nineteen pounds. Finally, the Park, Stay and Go package includes fifteen days of parking for those longer trips. For this package, you might expect to pay roughly 109-129 pounds.

As you can see, the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport Hotel offers a number of amenities and options for travelers who are looking to save money by reserving their stay in advance and over the internet. With parking thrown into the deal, this airport hotel is an ideal option for anyone traveling in and out of Gatwick International Airport.

Miami Holiday Travel

The holidays are approaching, and whether you’re traveling in or out of Miami, you’ll want to book your airport hotel reservations in advance.  Why?  Not only will you save money, but your reservation is guaranteed.  Also, you can choose from multiple hotels that feature a variety of amenities.  Furthermore, beyond the industry star rating, hotels that have been frequented by ParkSleepFly customers might feature customer ratings, which are determined from surveys taken by customers who stay at those hotels.

A featured airport hotel near Miami International Airport (MIA) is the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport.  This airport hotel carries a three-star industry rating, while customer surveys yield a rating of four stars.  For less than $115.00 (quoted for December 20, 2008), you can stay a night in this hotel that offers, among many amenities, an outdoor pool and T-Mobile Hot Spot Wi-Fi, for one night.  A room at this rate will accommodate up to four people, which means that chances are, your family can comfortably sleep in just one room.  This reservation would also include fourteen days of free parking.  The airport’s not going to give you two weeks of free airport parking!

One of the benefits offered by the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport hotel is that it’s near both the airport and the cruise port, so whether you’re leaving or arriving in Miami for your holiday vacation, the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport hotel offers convenience.  Complementary shuttles run between this airport hotel and Miami International Airport as well as the cruise port, which means if you were flying into MIA, you could take a free shuttle to this airport hotel, have a comfortable stay, and the next day take the shuttle to the cruise port for your holiday cruise in the Caribbean.

Other amenities include a complementary breakfast, a free local newspaper, in-room hair dryers and alarm clocks (in case you don’t want to wake up to the phone ringing with your wake-up call).  That way, you can be certain that not only will you make your flight or tide, but you’ll have a good start to your day, and a good start to your trip.  If you’re flying out of Miami for the holidays, the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport hotel is an excellent choice, especially with those two weeks of free parking; that’s sure to cover your holiday travel!