Keep to Your Bags

Throughout every airport there’s the warning to not handle anyone else’s bags.  This is for your safety; what if the bag contained something dangerous or illegal?  You could not only get into trouble with the law but you could be hurt.  As airlines continue to place restrictions on the size and number of bags that travelers are allowed to carry onto the plane, it’s important to continue to be vigilant.

Perhaps you only have one carry on bag, because the rest of your luggage had to be checked due to size or weight regulations.  Someone approaches you.  They’re friendly…perhaps they even strike up a conversation during which you both discover you’re on the same flight.  After becoming your acquaintance, they ask you to take their bag onto the airplane for them.  Perhaps they have one too many bags.  Or maybe they just ask you to carry their bag through security; maybe they tell you the extra bag is too heavy because of a shoulder problem they’ve endured.

You have several choices.  You can honor their request.  Maybe they were being honest and you’ll get to help someone out.  Maybe they weren’t being honest and then you might find yourself in some trouble.  You can get up and walk away.  Chances are, they’ll chat up the next person who comes along with an empty hand.  Or, you can contact security.  In so doing, you’ve not only saved someone else from potential harm, but if the suspicious person was telling the truth, security and airport personnel can arrange to help someone lift their luggage, or help them to find a cart or trolley for their bags.

As with many situations, you can still be helpful and kind, but please do not place yourself in harm’s way simply because someone else seems to be as caring and considerate as you are.

Cruiseport Parking

Heading into warmer waters?  Don’t forget to reserve your parking, and your hotel room the night before, so that you don’t miss the tide.  Cruiseport hotels and parking are reserved in the same fashion as airport hotels and parking.  Each quote presents you with the rate for one night in a hotel, along with a week or two of free parking, depending on the hotel and the package they offer.

From PSF, all you need to do is select “Cruiseport Hotel and Parking” and your search begins.  You can choose from over a dozen cruiseports in the United States and Canada.  Your search results contain all of the same quality types of information as searches for airport hotels and parking.  You can view a description of the hotel and parking package, industry and customer ratings, prices for the dates you selected and a link to make your reservation.

Remember that unlike airplanes, there won’t be another cruise ship along in a couple of hours.  Missing your ship means missing your vacation.  Don’t chance letting it sail without you aboard.  If you have to fly to the cruiseport, then you can reserve just a hotel room, so that you can arrive at the port with time to spare, and set off to enjoy your vacation on the water.

Weather Delays

You’ve planned your vacation and pre-booked just about everything, from your airline ticket to the hotels at which you will stay and the restaurants where you’ll dine.  You wake up early so as to allow the two hours recommended time for passing through various security checkpoints at the airport, leaving even a little extra time for checking your bags, finding parking and a few extra moments, just for good measure.

A glance out of the window puts you into an instant rush; it’s pouring.  The air is still warm, and so this weather, unlike blizzards and ice storms, is unlikely to cause flight cancellations.  That means you still have to make it to the airport on time.  As you climb into your car and wipe the rain off of your face, you wonder…Is there an easier way?

Yes.  If you stayed in a hotel room the night before your flight, all you would need to do in order to get to the airport would be to board a complimentary shuttle (after your complimentary breakfast and newspaper), and you would be safely transported to your terminal.  While away, your car would be kept safe and secure in the parking space you reserved.

Like ham and eggs, a combination almost everyone enjoys (Sorry, Sam I am), hotel rooms and airport parking combine to form an affordable, comfortable and reassuring package that will help you start your trip off right.  No stress, no weather-induced traffic…only a good night’s sleep and a quick, yet safe, ride over to the airport.  With ParkSleepFly, you won’t have to worry about missing your flight because of a bit of precipitation.

Planning for Security

Part of enjoying a relaxed travel experience means not enduring stress regarding the time that travel sometimes takes.  For the last seven years, airline security has operated at a higher level than before 09/11.  Perhaps many travelers thought that security restrictions would relax with time.  It seems, however, that security restrictions are becoming tighter.  What this can mean for travelers is an increase in the time to wait.

Don’t get us wrong, ParkSleepFly isn’t saying security checkpoints are bad!  Rather, we understand how important they are, and wouldn’t want the safety of travelers to be compromised.  However, that doesn’t mean that travelers enjoy the extra time it takes to pass through security…escpecially when that means the possibility of missing a flight.  So how is this possibility overcome?  Airlines recommend that travelers allow two hours or more to pass through all of the necessary security checkpoints.

So, people have started leaving earlier for the airport.  However, that “or more” attached to the two hour estimate completely changed the notion of how early travelers should leave for flights.  As confusion mixes with rush hour, travel to and from the airport can turn into a stress mess.  Want to avoid that congestion for your early morning flight, and still make it to the airport in time to pass through security?  Book a hotel room near your airport, along with parking, and PSF will see to it that your planning for security doesn’t bring you a heap of stress.

Travel Mall Offerings

Buon giorno, come stai?  In Italian, that means “Good day, how are you?”  While many people of the world do speak English, sometimes part of the fun of vacation is trying to learn a bit of a new language.  But if you haven’t taken language classes since high school, or even college, chances are you’ll be a bit rusty.  Once you arrive in a foreign country, the people living there won’t speak slowly right off the bat, and feeling confused can be easy.  Luckily, the Travel Mall at ParkSleepFly has you covered, with the option to purchase foreign language programs that are designed to teach conversational language so that when you travel to another country, you won’t feel lost.

Language tutorial programs aren’t the only types of convenience available.  You can purchase items you might need to wear such as swimsuits, sandals or a divers’ watch.  You can purchase maps so that you’ll know where you’re going and where to go.  You can order your official travel documents, such as your passport.  Nothing requires planning ahead in travel like ordering your passport, especially during the summer months.  Why not access this feature from the same site you’re using to book your airport hotels and parking?  You can even purchase travel insurance, which will cover the cost of your trip, should certain circumstances make it necessary to cancel or postpone your plans.

PSF brings you these conveniences to improve your travel experience, allowing you to have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, where you can truly immerse yourself in another culture and another land.