Hartford, Connecticut Airport Hotels

If you’re flying in and out of Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, staying overnight before or after your trip, or perhaps both depending on the schedule of your flights, offers relaxation and peace of mind, both of which are certainly rare during travel through airports.  So where do you stay?  There are over a dozen airport hotels surrounding Bradley International Airport.  These hotels carry a two to four-star industry rating and a three to five-star customer rating.  With so many varying choices, there’s bound to be a hotel that suits your needs.

ParkSleepFly provides a suggestion for you if you’re looking for the best rate.  By featuring an airport hotel, PSF offers an example of an airport hotel where the rate is well balanced by amenities, nearby attractions and overall quality.  The featured airport hotel in Hartford is the Beverly Hills Suites Bradley International Airport.  The Beverly Hills Suites holds a two-star industry rating and a three-star customer rating.

Standard amenities offered include an indoor heated pool, a café, and free Wi-Fi and high speed internet.  However, the Beverly Hills Suites also offers discounts to wedding guests if you’re getting married nearby, or attending a nearby wedding.  This convenience is unique and convenient as wedding guests can arrive at the airport and in staying at an airport hotel, not have a long distance to travel in order to get to their lodgings for the event.  The Beverly Hills Suites also offers Kosher meal arrangements, with a full-sized Kosher kitchen.

Nearby attractions include the New England Air Museum, Trolley Museum (open seasonally), vineyards along Connecticut’s wine trail and even Six Flags isn’t very far away, in Agawam, Massachusetts.  If you’re looking for something to do late at night, you can catch a movie or go dancing at a club in downtown Hartford.  If you were to book a room on November 13, 2008 for example, you might expect to pay $79.00 to $89.00.  The difference in rates is to accommodate for the number of guests per room, and remember that each room reservation, even just for one night, is accompanied by fourteen days of free parking.  If a trip lasts longer than two weeks, additional days of parking cost only five dollars, which is less than you’d pay if you parked in one of the lots managed and owned by Bradley International Airport.

Houston, Texas Airport Hotels

When you’re traveling through Houston, Texas, you have a number of options available to you in regard to airport hotels.  There are over fifteen airport hotels in Houston, serving William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) and Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  These airport hotels hold industry ratings ranging from three to four stars, and customer ratings ranging from three to five stars.  Customer ratings are based on surveys filled out by ParkSleepFly customers after their trip.

When you get quotes for your stay near either airport, you’ll notice that there’s a “featured hotel.”  We’re going to look at why the featured hotels earned that spot.  Part of it has to do with price, but without an understanding of benefits or amenities, price seems a vague justifier.  When you select an airport hotel, you look at more than price.  Rating, nearby attractions and amenities all play a part in adding value to the cost of one night’s stay at any of the airport hotels.

An amenity that all of the airport hotels on ParkSleepFly offer is free parking.  However, whether the parking term is seven or fourteen days depends on the specific airport hotel.  Furthermore, you may be able to purchase additional days of parking at certain hotels for low daily rates if your trip extends beyond that week or two offered for free.  Airport hotels similarly offer complementary shuttle service between the hotel and your arrival and departure terminals.

Let’s look at the featured hotel near William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), the Quality Inn Hobby Airport.  This airport hotel carries a four-star industry and customer rating.  Nearby attractions include the Houston Zoo, the Space Center Houston and Galveston Beach.  Numerous fine restaurants and shopping can also be found close to the Quality Inn.  If you were to book a room the night of November 13, 2008, you could expect to pay $79.95 – $89.95.  Why the range in price?  If you need a larger room to account for more people, you can typically expect the slightly higher of the two rates.  Remember also that at the Quality Inn, your stay includes fourteen days of free parking.

If you’re flying out of Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH), the featured airport hotel is the Clarion Inn Bush Intercontinental Airport, which holds a three-star industry rating and a four-star customer rating.  The Clarion Inn is a mere mile from the airport and close to several recreational locations, including the Red Stone Golf Course.  There are also two nearby shopping malls: Greenspoint and Deerbrook.  If you were to book a room on November 13, 2008, you might expect to pay $109.99.  At the Clarion Inn, when you reserve your stay for one night, you also receive seven days of free parking.

Logan Airport Hotels


Boston's Logan International Airport from the ...


Boston, Massachusetts, like many cities, can be hectic and frenetic at times, but only for travelers who are unprepared.  Whether you’re a resident of Boston or elsewhere, Logan Airport can trigger as much stress as airports in other major cities.  However, with a bit of advanced planning, you can find the time to take a deep breath and relax.  ParkSleepFly allows you to choose from ten hotels, all differing in amenities offered.  The average industry rating for many of the airport hotels surrounding Logan Airport (BOS) is three stars, while customer surveys of ParkSleepFly produced ratings as high as four stars.


One such airport hotel holding both an industry rating of three stars and a customer rating of four is the Courtyard Marriott, which was designed by business travelers and is the featured selection of the Logan Airport hotels on ParkSleepFly.  So why is the Courtyard Marriott a featured airport hotel?  Price, ability to accommodate and numerous amenities combine to make this airport hotel stand out, even among other exceptional airport hotels.


Amenities offered at the Courtyard Marriott airport hotel include an indoor swimming pool for year-round enjoyment (whether for fun or exercise—or both!), a whirlpool for relaxation and an exercise room.  Additionally, the Courtyard Marriott offers meeting rooms that accommodate two to fifty people, so that if you’ve business meetings to conduct before or after your trip, this airport hotel is well equipped to suit your needs.


The Courtyard Marriott airport hotel offers over one hundred fifty comfortable and clean rooms.  Logan Airport is only seven miles away, which means not only a quick ride on the complementary airport shuttle, but that you won’t be kept awake by airplanes landing and taking off frequently just outside the window, as you might in an airport hotel located right beside, or even inside, the airport.


If you’re looking for convenience, affordability without sacrificing quality, safety and a variety of amenities, booking a room at the Courtyard Marriott airport hotel near Logan Airport (BOS) on ParkSleepFly will make your trip, whether for business or vacation, relaxing and fulfilling.



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JFK Airport Hotels

Flying in and out of New York City can often be stressful.After rushing to the airport, travelers must navigate through a number of crowds, both in and out of the airport.Arriving at the gate on time is never a promise if one has to rush to park a car, get to the terminal, and get through baggage checks and security in order to reach the gate and board the plane.However, travelers who book hotel rooms ahead of time need not suffer the concern that accompanies rushing during travel.Booking hotel rooms ahead of time when you travel through John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) allows you to experience comfort, peace of mind and a variety of amenities to make your stay both pleasant and convenient.

Two hotels worthy of discussion include the Ramada Plaza JFK and the Holiday Inn JFK, both in Jamaica, New York.Both hotels carry three-star industry and customer ratings.The customer ratings for both hotels combined total the results from over one hundred fifty customer surveys.Both offer free parking and complementary shuttles between the airport hotel and your departure and arrival terminals.However, there are differences between the two hotels that are worth noting if you are going to make an informed decision regarding which hotel would best meet your needs when you make your travel arrangements.

First let’s discuss the amenities offered by the Ramada Plaza JFK airport hotel.Over for hundred fifty parking spaces are available, and the same number of rooms are available for reservation.Room options include a king size bed, queen size bed and double bed, depending on your preference.A health club is available if you wish to exercise during your stay.Other services include laundry, valet and room service.There’s even a gift shop if you’re returning from a trip and need to bring home a present for a family member.

At the Holiday Inn JFK airport hotel, you can enjoy the convenience of a short ride to the airport, as the hotel is a mere quarter mile from the John F. Kennedy International Airport.Another benefit of staying at the Holiday Inn JFK airport hotel is the number and variety of attractions nearby.You can visit racetracks or other sports arenas including Shea Stadium and Madison Square Garden.You can visit museums and the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, which, if you are traveling in April, hosts the Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual event of great serenity and beauty.If you seek outdoor adventure, you might visit Jones Beach or Coney Island.Either way, there’s plenty to do while you wait to go to the airport.

San Diego Airport Hotels

Are you planning to travel in or out of San Diego International Airport?  Consider the benefits of booking a hotel reservation ahead of time, for the night before or after your trip.  What are those benefits?  You will enjoy safety and security, free parking and complimentary shuttle service between the hotel of your choice and your departure and arrival terminals, reduced rates, guaranteed reservations for both your room and your parking space and additional amenities depending on the hotel you choose to stay at.

When you book an airport hotel reservation near San Diego International Airport (SAN), you have the choice of over a dozen hotels, ranging in industry and customer ratings as well as cost and amenities.

You can stay at the Quality Inn, rated three stars both through industry standards and customer surveys.  Some of the amenities and services you can enjoy during your stay at the Quality Inn include shuttle services not only to the airport, but local attractions such as Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo and Liberty Station, a shopping mall.  Furthermore, you can rest assured that your car will be secured in the gated and patrolled airport parking lot adjacent to the hotel.

The Best Western Lamplighter Inn and Suites near San Diego International Airport carries a two-star industry rating offering basic amenities as well as a heated pool, if you crave some relaxation or exercise before or after your trip.  Or, if you’re looking for an airport hotel that offers a bit more, you can book your reservation at the four-star industry rated Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine.

Of course, these three are but a sampling of the accommodations you can opt to reserve.  When you reserve your hotel room at any of the airport hotels surrounding San Diego International Airport, you’re ensuring that you gain the peace of mind found only with the safety and security of a monitored, gated or attended parking lot and complementary shuttle services.  Your parking will be free, included with your low-rate reservation, for either one or two weeks.  When you book your reservation at any of these airport hotels ahead of time, you benefit from having a guaranteed reservation.  You won’t need to worry about where to stay or where to park.  Because there are a multitude of airport hotels at or around San Diego International Airport, you have a choice of balancing the amenities you need or want with the price of your reservation.