Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport Hotel

When flying in and out of Gatwick International Airport (LGW), travelers have the opportunity to stay at the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport, an airport hotel. Surely, there are plenty of hotels in the London area; what sets the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel apart from others? Because this airport hotel offers Park, Stay and Go packages, it’s an ideal choice for savvy travelers. The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel is a three-star establishment serving London, Surrey and Brighton and is only a half mile from Gatwick International Airport.

What are some of the amenities travelers can expect when staying at the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel? One of the amenities that sets this hotel apart from others and goes along with the Park, Stay and Go packages is a complementary shuttle that runs between the hotel and Gatwick International Airport twenty-four hours a day. Additionally, the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers valet services so that travelers needn’t spend time searching for parking spaces.

Additional amenities include those similar to other hotels as well as some unique offerings. The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers high speed internet access, and features conference and banquet facilities that can accommodate up to 120 people. Want to travel into the heart of London during your stay? The Gatwick Express London Victoria departs every thirty minutes to provide travelers convenient access to the city. Another unique feature of the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel is that if you’re traveling with children, they may stay for free, and even eat for free.

The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers a number of packages, each for different prices. The following quotes were estimated based on a stay in the hotel from November 20, 2008 through November 21, 2008. The Advance Purchase rate runs anywhere from seventy-one to eighty-nine pounds and requires full payment. The Advanced Purchase package is non-refundable, so be certain your travel plans are secure before taking advantage of these low rates. The Best Flexible rate ranges from seventy-nine to ninety-nine pounds, depending on the type of room you reserve. The Breakfast Flex rate is a little more, because a full breakfast is included for two adults. This rate may run from eighty-nine to one hundred nine pounds. Want to add a three-course dinner into the mix? You might expect to pay anywhere from 109-129 pounds.

What about parking? Earlier we mentioned Park, Stay and Go packages; the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport hotel offers three different Park, Stay and Go packages to suit the duration of your travels. The Park, Stay and Go Four Days package can cost between ninety-four and one hundred fourteen pounds and provides four days of parking. The Park, Stay and Go Eight Days package offers eight days of parking and can cost between ninety-nine and one hundred nineteen pounds. Finally, the Park, Stay and Go package includes fifteen days of parking for those longer trips. For this package, you might expect to pay roughly 109-129 pounds.

As you can see, the Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport Hotel offers a number of amenities and options for travelers who are looking to save money by reserving their stay in advance and over the internet. With parking thrown into the deal, this airport hotel is an ideal option for anyone traveling in and out of Gatwick International Airport.

Miami Holiday Travel

The holidays are approaching, and whether you’re traveling in or out of Miami, you’ll want to book your airport hotel reservations in advance.  Why?  Not only will you save money, but your reservation is guaranteed.  Also, you can choose from multiple hotels that feature a variety of amenities.  Furthermore, beyond the industry star rating, hotels that have been frequented by ParkSleepFly customers might feature customer ratings, which are determined from surveys taken by customers who stay at those hotels.

A featured airport hotel near Miami International Airport (MIA) is the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport.  This airport hotel carries a three-star industry rating, while customer surveys yield a rating of four stars.  For less than $115.00 (quoted for December 20, 2008), you can stay a night in this hotel that offers, among many amenities, an outdoor pool and T-Mobile Hot Spot Wi-Fi, for one night.  A room at this rate will accommodate up to four people, which means that chances are, your family can comfortably sleep in just one room.  This reservation would also include fourteen days of free parking.  The airport’s not going to give you two weeks of free airport parking!

One of the benefits offered by the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport hotel is that it’s near both the airport and the cruise port, so whether you’re leaving or arriving in Miami for your holiday vacation, the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport hotel offers convenience.  Complementary shuttles run between this airport hotel and Miami International Airport as well as the cruise port, which means if you were flying into MIA, you could take a free shuttle to this airport hotel, have a comfortable stay, and the next day take the shuttle to the cruise port for your holiday cruise in the Caribbean.

Other amenities include a complementary breakfast, a free local newspaper, in-room hair dryers and alarm clocks (in case you don’t want to wake up to the phone ringing with your wake-up call).  That way, you can be certain that not only will you make your flight or tide, but you’ll have a good start to your day, and a good start to your trip.  If you’re flying out of Miami for the holidays, the Red Roof Inn Miami Airport hotel is an excellent choice, especially with those two weeks of free parking; that’s sure to cover your holiday travel!

Safety and Security

In previous discussions, we’ve mentioned the safety benefits of staying in airport hotels before or after a flight, but today we’re going to look, in detail, at how the decision to stay overnight near the airport can provide added safety to your trip, thus providing peace of mind and relaxation, whether your trip is for business or vacation.

•    Secure Parking: Staying overnight at an airport hotel booked on ParkSleepFly means seven to fourteen days of free, secure parking, providing safety for your car.  Need a few extra days of parking?  Most airport hotels allow you to park for longer than the week or two for low daily rates.
•    Shuttle Service: When you park at an airport hotel, you’re provided a free ride on a modern shuttle bus between the hotel and your departure and arrival terminals.  Often times, these shuttle rides also include free luggage assistance, so that you needn’t injure yourself if you have a lot to carry, or particularly heavy bags.
•    Sleep Safely: When you book a night at one of the many airport hotels on ParkSleepFly, you can rest assured that not only will you be able to sleep in a safe hotel, but also that you won’t be on the road the night before or after your flight, when you might be sleepy.
•    Secure Reservations: Booking your room and free parking on ParkSleepFly means security.  ParkSleepFly’s website is hacker-safe and tested daily.  Futhermore, PSF is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, so that you know that the small portion of the cost of your hotel room that you pay upfront to reserve your room is transmitted over a secure system.

As you can see, reserving a room and parking at the airport hotel of your choice is a safe and secure process from when you make your reservation on ParkSleepFly to when you leave the hotel to drive home at the end of your trip.  Your safety and security for your vehicle provide you with peace of mind and allow you to relax during your trip, whether you’re traveling to see Ancient Greek ruins or across the country to meet with important business contacts or taking your children to Disney World.

Dublin, Ireland Airport Hotels

Dublin, Ireland is a popular vacation spot, and with Dublin Airport, even beyond vacation, there are many travelers that fly in and out of the city each day.  Staying in an airport hotel can help keep the cost of any trip down, especially if you’re booking in advance with ParkSleepFly, where you can get the lowest rates as well as guaranteed reservations.  There are well over sixty airport hotels listed for Dublin on ParkSleepFly’s website.   These airport hotels carry industry ratings of two to five stars.  That means that you’re bound to find the right hotel, with the right price.

We can’t very well discuss all of the airport hotels in Dublin in one; it would take forever to read!  For this discussion, we’re going to look at three of the very many airport hotels near and around Dublin Airport: the Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport, the Radisson SAS Hotel Dublin Airport and the Days Hotel Dublin Airport.  These airport hotels carry industry ratings of three, four and two stars, respectively.

For all of our sample quotes found herein, the date of the reservation is November 13, 2008.  Please note that rates on different dates may or may not differ, depending on demands on space in each hotel during specific seasons, such as the holiday season or peak travel seasons.

If you were to stay that one night at the Clarion Hotel, one of the three-star airport hotels surrounding Dublin Airport, you might expect to pay $337.07, or 260 EUR.  A night’s stay at the Radisson SAS Hotel, the four-star airport hotel, would cost $128.35 or ninety-nine Euros.  Selecting the two-star example, the Days Hotel, might cost $86.86 or sixty-seven Euros for one night.

Why the differences in price, for example, between the three and four-star airport hotels?  Wouldn’t a four-star establishment be expected to cost more?  Remember that there are a great many elements that go into consideration of hotel rates.  In the case of airport hotels, proximity to the airport itself is quite important.  Maybe a four-star hotel earned its rating for customer service, but the three-star airport hotel offers a larger room or an amenity not offered in a four or five-star hotel.

This is why a large selection of airport hotels is helpful.  Selecting a hotel room isn’t just about price or rating.  Selecting a hotel room is about finding the best rate for the amenities and services you require, and at ParkSleepFly, all of your options are presented to you, with complete information so that you can make that decision.

Hartford, Connecticut Airport Hotels

If you’re flying in and out of Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, staying overnight before or after your trip, or perhaps both depending on the schedule of your flights, offers relaxation and peace of mind, both of which are certainly rare during travel through airports.  So where do you stay?  There are over a dozen airport hotels surrounding Bradley International Airport.  These hotels carry a two to four-star industry rating and a three to five-star customer rating.  With so many varying choices, there’s bound to be a hotel that suits your needs.

ParkSleepFly provides a suggestion for you if you’re looking for the best rate.  By featuring an airport hotel, PSF offers an example of an airport hotel where the rate is well balanced by amenities, nearby attractions and overall quality.  The featured airport hotel in Hartford is the Beverly Hills Suites Bradley International Airport.  The Beverly Hills Suites holds a two-star industry rating and a three-star customer rating.

Standard amenities offered include an indoor heated pool, a café, and free Wi-Fi and high speed internet.  However, the Beverly Hills Suites also offers discounts to wedding guests if you’re getting married nearby, or attending a nearby wedding.  This convenience is unique and convenient as wedding guests can arrive at the airport and in staying at an airport hotel, not have a long distance to travel in order to get to their lodgings for the event.  The Beverly Hills Suites also offers Kosher meal arrangements, with a full-sized Kosher kitchen.

Nearby attractions include the New England Air Museum, Trolley Museum (open seasonally), vineyards along Connecticut’s wine trail and even Six Flags isn’t very far away, in Agawam, Massachusetts.  If you’re looking for something to do late at night, you can catch a movie or go dancing at a club in downtown Hartford.  If you were to book a room on November 13, 2008 for example, you might expect to pay $79.00 to $89.00.  The difference in rates is to accommodate for the number of guests per room, and remember that each room reservation, even just for one night, is accompanied by fourteen days of free parking.  If a trip lasts longer than two weeks, additional days of parking cost only five dollars, which is less than you’d pay if you parked in one of the lots managed and owned by Bradley International Airport.