Our Top 10 Favorite Movies that Inspire Travel

Movies are a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life. Within minutes, you can be transported to an entirely different place, complete with new characters and fresh experiences. For days when your next vacation seems too far away and you’re wishing you were “anywhere but here,” check out these great movies that will spark your wanderlust in a big way.

1.) Into the Wild – Alaska
This moving tale winds through the wilderness of North America before finally settling on the stunning landscape of Alaska. If you want to explore the depths of humanity while taking in quintessential American landscapes and beauty, you can’t miss this movie.

2.) Out of Africa – Africa
Out of Africa has long been touted as the best travel movie ever made and for good reason. Meryl Streep stars in this classic film where she not only falls in love with Robert Redford but also with the splendor of Africa.

3.) Lost in Translation – Tokyo, Japan
This humorous look into culture divides has a surprisingly deep premise. Set in bustling Tokyo, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are Americans commiserating their failures together, while treating the viewers to the glitz of Japan’s most famous city.

4.) Under the Tuscan Sun – Tuscany, Italy
If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving everything you’ve ever known to buy an adorable villa in Tuscany, this film lets you do it with no strings attached. Perfect for the romantics out there, Under the Tuscan Sun proves that moving to Italy solves all of life’s woes.

5.) Amelie – Paris, France
This sweet movie will make you want to pick up a travel guide to Paris. Amelie showcases all of the best (and most iconic) spots, as well as the best of humanity, in Paris. So if you’re craving French culture, Amelie is sure to fill that hole in your heart.

6.) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – India
This movie is not only an inspirational travel film but an overall film about human kindness. When a group of retirees chooses the Exotic Marigold Hotel in India to spend their remaining days, things aren’t what they seem. You’ll enjoy the scenery on display as much as the character’s development.

7.) Lord of the Rings – New Zealand
I don’t know of anyone who has watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy without wanting to book a one-way flight to New Zealand. As the fantastical creatures traverse their land to save the world, the viewers at home get their own virtual tour of New Zealand’s stunning and otherworldly scenery.

8.) Planet Earth – Global
This ground-breaking series captures the monumental beauty of this planet in a way no other film or series has ever done before. Fly high above mountain-tops with eagles, dive deep under our vast oceans to explore the myriad of unique animal life and run along the Savannah with cheetahs in this innovative and educational program.

9.) Samsara – Global
Samsara is a documentary (without a narrative) that took over 5 years to film! It encompasses much of the beauty of our world through pictures, video clips, and music. Through Samsara, you can explore different cultures and jaw-dropping scenery without even leaving your house.


10.) Vicky Christina Barcelona – Spain
If you’ve had a desire to visit Barcelona, and haven’t yet, Vicky Christina Barcelona does a great job of highlighting much of its culture and beauty. If you can handle a little romance, this movie is a great treat for everyone who has a love affair with Spain.


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