Our Favorite Nature Photography on Instagram This Week

The stunning Hutt Lagoon is home to one of Australia’s most captivating natural beauties, the pink salt lakes. The salt lakes have the pink hue due to carotenoid-producing algae. The algae is a source found in food-coloring agent and is also a source of Vitamin A. An equally beautiful and fascinating destination.

We love this shot from @grepthesky (IG) of Badlands National Park. The sunset is absolutely stunning and it is so amazing to see all the layers of rock in the formations, spires and canyons. One of the coolest things about Badlands National Park is that it used to be a sea. That is another reason why the terrain is so interesting is that it was shaped by water!!

Zion National Park has been added to our need-to-go-as-soon-as-possible travel destinations list. In addition to this stunning waterfall, it has one of the largest free-standing arches in the world, at 287 feet long. It is also a major destination for climbers, with 2,000-foot sandstone cliffs in the park.

We had to feature this one, I mean…. just look at that fog!?

We know we said we were going to do our favorite nature photography this week from Instagram, but we just had to include this video. Like our first destination, Karijini National Park is also located in Australia. Some of the stunning locations within the park include the cascades of Fortescue Falls, rock pools and chambers of Hancock Gorge, and so many more. Hamersley Gorge is in the park and is like nature’s spa surrounded by rock formations and is very, very, very x 1000, old. The Karijini National Park is also home to one of the state’s tallest mountains, Mt. Bruce.


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