Online Travel Booking: Where You can be Your Own Agent

In recent years, more and more travelers have been booking elements of their vacations online.  Airplane tickets were one of the first elements of travel that allowed for online purchase, mostly because airlines already booked tickets for travel agents using a computer system.  Hotels room booking over the internet was quick to follow for large hotel chains, but took a little while longer for inns and B&B’s.  Travel packages became popular for hotel rooms and airline tickets, guaranteeing your flight and a hotel room when you arrived at your destination.

Now, the travel agent has become the internet.  ParkSleepFly is a pioneer in the realm of self-booking travel arrangements, allowing travelers to book hotel rooms and airport parking, for the purpose of making getting to the airport on time easier and more stress free.  Whereas many airports do not even allow travelers to book their parking, ParkSleepFly allows travelers to book hotel rooms and parking ahead of time, when they book their trip, and for less money.

Planning a trip used to be far more time consuming.  Travelers had to go to see a travel agent, collect reading material, go home and review it with their families, return to the travel agent (or call) to have everything booked, and then await confirmation.  Nowadays, travelers can get onto the internet (which for many doesn’t even involve dialing anymore), look up where they’d like to visit, book their airfare, hotels and parking, and print out confirmation then and there, from the comfort of their home.

While this shift has not been beneficial to travel agents who do not wish to adapt, it adds convenience for the traveler, so that more focus can be placed on enjoying the trip itself.  Imagine missing out on climbing to the top of Il Duomo to see all of Florence, Italy, or not seeing the whale breach on the port side because you’re busy rearranging your itinerary to spend one more day on vacation, when you could enjoy your trip and use the hotel’s free wi-fi later that evening to adjust your travel plans.

ParkSleepFly is part of this shift toward greater convenience, at a lower price, for travelers.

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