Make Your New Year’s Travel Resolutions Happen in 2019

At the start of the new year, people are always gung-ho about their resolutions and they vow that they will stick to them this year but rarely do people follow through, especially with resolutions like “travel more”. It can be difficult to keep traveling resolutions because of how non-specific that overall goal is and also because it doesn’t factor in finances or life situations. To help make sure your passion for travel in 2019 doesn’t fizzle out before February rolls around, we’ve compiled this guide on how to actually make your travel resolutions happen this year!
1.) Define a specific goal
Experts in personal development have always touted the advice of defining a specific goal when wanting to make a life change, like a resolution. Instead of just vowing to travel more, set a goal of taking 2 vacations this year, or simply using more of your vacation days. Or, make a list of the destinations you’re eager to visit and pick 1 that you will visit this year and then start planning, budgeting and saving towards that one goal.

2.) Spend time on your goals
In order to change your life, you must do some work and get out of your comfort zone. Your vacations won’t plan or finance themselves, so you’ll need to research things like hotels, flights, and excursions. If you’re on a budget, you may want to scour travel sites for good deals and learn as much as you can about your place of interest. If doing this research is what has been keeping you from achieving these traveling goals, enlist the help of a trusted travel agent to do most of the legwork for you.


3.) Add another resolution to your list
Traveling can be a costly hobby, so in order to make your dreams a reality, you should set two goals for the new year: one to travel more and the second to save up the money needed for that traveling. There are a plethora of websites, books and even Facebook groups that will teach you how to travel on a shoestring budget, but you’ll still need some cash, even if you’re able to snag free airfare and lodging. Start small by budgeting or just throwing your spare change into a vacation jar. If traveling is really important to you, look into possibly starting a side job to fund your dreams.


4.) Think outside of the box
A traveling resolution doesn’t mean you need to do an exotic tour of Paris and Rome or bust. You could just spend more time this year on weekend getaways and enjoying your vacation days in cheaper ways like staying close to home or visiting family (bonus points if they live in an exotic locale!) Or, if you’re getting discouraged by costs, you could also look into trips that involve volunteering and giving back to the community as a cheaper alternative to a “typical” vacation or check out inexpensive hostels or Airbnb places that are a little further out from your destination to save significant money on accommodations.

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