Labor Day Travel: Michigan

In today’s news, AAA announced that expected air travel from Michigan on Labor Day weekend, though down roughly eight percent, will still be upwards of 85,000 travelers passing through Michigan airports.  Most will be departing on the Friday or Saturday before Labor Day, so travelers could expect to have more than about 40,000 co-travelers as they fly out to enjoy a last bit of summer vacation.  Airfare is reported to be up fifteen percent over this time last year.

So how can you save money?  By booking your airport parking and hotel reservation with ParkSleepFly, of course!  Below you can find a brief look at some sample rates.  All rates are for three star hotels, departing on the Friday before the holiday.

If you’re flying out of Detroit, you can reserve a room for one night for $69.95, which includes up to seven days of parking.  Departing from Lansing, you can expect to pay as little as $109.00 for one room (one night) and up to fourteen days parking.  You can reserve an Executive hotel room in Grand Rapids for $84.00 per night.  Executive rooms include free breakfast, internet, a desk and additional amenities.

As you can see, if you’re among the 85,000+ travelers planning to fly out of Michigan for Labor Day, you have several options depending on which airport you’re flying out of, but at each of them there is the opportunity to add convenience and comfort to your trip for an affordable rate.  Please have a safe and happy holiday trip.

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