The Top Five Places to See the Flower Super Blooms 

Super Blooms

This year is predicted to be one of the largest wildflower “super blooms” California has ever seen thanks to an unseasonably cold and rainy winter. Every decade or so, the Golden State lives up to its title as a splash of vibrance colors most of the state. If you’ve always thought of the California desert as drab and boring, get ready to pack up this spring and head to these vivid locations to see the Southwest in a whole new light – or color, if you will! It’ll give you a newfound love for nature.

1. Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park is an incredible place to visit at any time of the year, but what makes it extra special this year is that the entirety of the super bloom’s beauty can be enjoyed during a leisurely car ride. That’s right, no hiking required. It makes this the best spot on our list for those with mobility issues or small children who can’t hike for hours to see the beautiful sights. You don’t have to worry if you’re looking for a trek either. Virtually every trail is dotted with beautiful flowers, allowing for an entire day to be spent at this gorgeous flower wonderland.

2. Borrego Springs
Head down to the peaceful town of Borrego Springs if you’re looking for some incredible desert blooms. There is something surreal about seeing a kaleidoscope of colorful yellow and purple flowers growing out of the sand.  It almost doesn’t seem possible! Getting to see this unique beauty in Borrego Springs will not only feed the beauty lover in you but the science lover as well. Here you can enjoy a collection of primrose, lily, and dandelion flowers in a variety of shades, growing out of the most unsuspecting places.

3. Lake Elsinore
The hills are alive with the smell of poppies! All around Lake Elsinore and throughout Walker Canyon, the hillsides are covered with delicate orange poppies that are so vibrant it appears as though the landscape is on fire. It’s an incredible sight. While you’re there, please treat the area with respect. We know it will be hard not to frolic amongst the flowers, but state officials are urging visitors to stay on marked paths to avoid crushing the sensitive blooms. They’re beautiful bits of nature to be cherished.

4. Coachella Valley Preserve
This area is just calling to flower enthusiasts; even the road leading into Coachella Valley Preserve is lined with flowers. Travel along any of the many trails to spot desert sunflowers, sand verbena, brown-eyed primrose, and Schott’s Indigo bush to name a few. If those aren’t enough, you’ll find a variety of annual and perennial plants and wildflowers in Indian Canyon which skirts the edges of the valley. Catch these wildflowers while you can!

5. Valley of the Giants
If you’re willing to travel a bit further south of Baja, California into Mexico, you’ll be rewarded with a 60-mile stretch of beauty straight out of a Western postcard. Bask in the allure of brilliant lavender wildflowers set against the towering saguaro cacti in the Valley of the Giants. Then, when this scene has begun to pale, head north to follow the wildflowers as they bloom throughout Southern California. You’ll be left breathless, in awe of nature.

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