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The Weirdest Airport Layover Activities

It seems as though every time we step into an airport nowadays, we’re treated to new experiences: new security rules, new stores, and even strange new modern amenities. Evidently, bored and sleep-deprived travelers are a fantastic market for testing out novel (and sometimes quite unusual) layover activities. If you’re hoping to stumble upon a strange perk the next time you’re traveling, read on for our list of the weirdest airport amenities! You might find yourself well-entertained on your next long layover.

Oxygen lounge in Tokyo’s Narita International Airport
As strange as this concept may sound, it’s not a bad idea for travelers to get some ultra-concentrated oxygen before (or after) a long flight. Narita airport offers passing travelers the opportunity to recharge with some fresh oxygen. Oxygen therapists claim that the 15-minute treatments can ease headaches and help beat jet lag after a long, low-oxygen airplane ride. The oxygen bar even offers a variety of flavors, so you don’t have to breathe bland regular air. For 10 minutes of high-grade oxygen, it’s only $6.

Adult slides & music video booths at Singapore’s Changi Airport
Changi airport is an example of airport ingenuity. From the rooftop pool and butterfly garden to the built-in movie theater, Singapore makes sure traveling guests are entertained. Topping the oddest of their features is a 4-story high adult slide and new music video booths where you can watch the latest MTV-approved videos for free. Who knew you needed it?

Wedding chapels at multiple airports
When you’re madly in love or looking for a cheap ceremony, getting married in an airport before jetting off to the tropics can sound appealing. It’s definitely one of the more long-lasting layover activities. If you’ve ever considered that a possibility, there are a few airports where you can make this a reality: Frankfurt International, St. Louis Lambert International, Stockholm Arlanda, and Manchester International airports can all accommodate you.

Car wash at Spokane International Airport
An odd, but appreciated, benefit to parking your car at Spokane International Airport in Washington is that you’ll get to come home to a sparkling clean ride. Anyone parking in one of the two garages or outdoor lots receives a complimentary car wash. You don’t even have to think about knocking one more thing off your “coming home to-do list.”

Therapy dogs at Miami International Airport
Flying is stressful for most people, and Miami is trying to combat everyone’s collective anxiety with furry faces and good ol’ puppy-dog kisses. For seven years, these therapy dog volunteers have been easing travelers’ fear of flying, and generally just brightening everyone’s spirits. If you’re in Miami, keep an eye out for the dog friends!

Dental care at Brazil’s São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
While live music is a popular activity at many airports, not many airports offer dental care. It’s a surprising addition to an airport, but one that you’d be very relieved to see if you’re suffering from a toothache before departure! The added bonus that Americans love is the convenience of treatments like teeth whitening, only a fraction of the cost of the same services in the United States.

Yoga at San Francisco International Airport
Another great way to mitigate the stress of flying is to engage in some light meditation or yoga. Luckily, if you’re in San Francisco, you don’t have to start doing ‘downward dog’ in the middle of the terminal on a dirty airport rug; you can visit the FREE yoga center before take-off to let out a little steam.

Putting green at multiple airports
Going to the airport lounge isn’t the only interesting thing to do these days. Bored travelers who have a penchant for golf will be pleased when traveling to Palm Beach, Minneapolis or Moore County, North Carolina. In all three of these locations, you can get in some last minute golf practice at the putting green without worrying about missing your flight. You might even make a few friends while on the carpet.

Have you seen any strange or wonderful airport amenities?

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