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Is the Cell Phone Destroying Vacations?

Have you ever been in a gorgeous locale, taking in the scenery and happened to glance over and see someone more engrossed in their cell phone than the destination they’re supposed to be enjoying? I’d bet money that you have seen this everywhere, not just while on vacation. You can’t go anywhere noteworthy in this day and age without seeing people either buried in their cell phones or hoisting them up in the air at all angles in an attempt to get the perfect Instagram-worthy picture. What joy people used to get in relishing an experience has now been replaced by making sure to capture the “perfect” picture. Read on to see how cell phones have changed the modern vacation.

Traveling For Food

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve experienced new cuisine in a foreign country. There’s something so satisfying about breaking bread overseas and indulging in new scents, authentic flavors, and rich culinary experiences. Considering that most people usually eat three meals a day, food is a pretty important aspect to consider when making your travel plans. If you love food, why not devote your getaway to experiencing cultural meals in different parts of the world? If you’ve never traveled for the food before, read on for our favorite reasons why you should! Bon appétit!


1.) Discover new flavors

The number one reason why people should travel for the food is the discovery of new flavors. You don’t necessarily have to be a “foodie” to enjoy a local culture’s cuisine, though.  Everyone eats and you’d be denying yourself some amazing flavors if you don’t indulge in some local foods while you’re traveling the world. Some fruits, spices, and grains are only found regionally in small parts of the world so you’d never get to experience them outside of traveling to those areas.

Traveling with a Disability

Just a generation ago, traveling with a disability was a huge hassle, if not downright impossible. But these days, thanks to the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the large advances in technology, engineering, and design it’s getting to be almost as easy to explore a foreign city as it is your own! With a little bit of planning, you’ll be well on your way to your dream vacation. To get you off on the right foot, we’ve compiled our best tips for traveling with a disability. 



A good travel agent is worth her weight in gold, and I can’t stress that enough for agents that specialize in accessible travel. The best planning tip we can give is to find a disabled travel specialist who will be able to walk you through the entire planning process. They can guide you towards the most accessible destinations and they have close ties with resorts and hotels that go above and beyond in their accommodations for disabled guests. Overall, you’ll worry much less since the agent handles all of your needs.

Best Hidden Destinations in Europe

With the plethora of amazing bucket-list cities that comprise Europe, it’s hard to consider traveling to that beautiful continent without visiting a top tourist destination like Rome, Paris, or Madrid. But those travelers that want an authentic European vacation know that they have to travel outside of the main thoroughfares to smaller cities. Although these small cities may be a bit off the beaten path, they’re just as beautiful and much less crowded (not to mention easier on the wallet) than their more popular counterparts. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience the next time you travel to Europe, consider one of these fabulous hidden gems!


1. Kotor, Montenegro 

Cruise lovers have known about this “secret” spot for a while, but I’ve found that the regular traveler doesn’t even know where Kotor is! This medieval city is at the tip of the bay wedged between mountain peaks which provide some of the most unique and moody atmospheric conditions. If the photo opportunities aren’t enough to make you want to visit, the area also offers vast sightseeing opportunities with medieval castles and churches, plenty of activities between the mountains and the coastline and let’s not forget the delicious, fresh food that is sure to please any gourmand. 

Are Travel Agents Still Useful? 

Back in the stone ages, well before the advent of all of these Do-It-Yourself travel sites, people used to turn to travel agents when they wanted to take a vacation. But with all of this new technology, do travel agents even still exist? That they do! And you may be surprised to learn that, although technology has changed dramatically in the past few decades, travel agents have not.

They are still the same patient world-travelers who have oodles of experience, helpful tips, great suggestions and they still offer better deals than most of the big travel booking sites. Read on to see why using travel agencies aren’t for the old-fashioned – they’re for the budget minded traveler who wants the best vacation experience possible.