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The Beginner’s Guide to WWOOFing: An Organic Farm Experience

WWOOFing on an organic farm

Have you ever dreamed of working at a winery in the south of France? Baking bread in a small town in Italy? Fruit carving in Thailand? What about harvesting honey in the American Midwest? What if you could do it for free? That’s what WWOOFing is all about, encouraging meaningful relationships with local farmers while equipping travelers with new knowledge. Our guide to WWOOFing is here to give you all the information you need to begin your WWOOF journey!

Plane & Simple: Food & Travel with Veronica Stoddart

Veronica Stoddart has been in the travel game for quite some time. Formerly the travel editor-in-chief of USA Today, Stoddart has gone through a multitude of travel experiences in more than 100 countries. Not only has she been able to travel on her own, but she has also been witness to the travel stories of many others.

Plane & Simple: Adventures with Midlife Road Trip

Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna are the co-hosts of Midlife Road Trip, and they’re seasoned travelers who bring the unknown travel world to their followers. Rick and Sandi met through the Twitter travel community years ago, and they’ve been spreading the joy of travel online since then! Strong believers in the “cure-all” effect of travel, Rick and Sandi came by to give our readers some “plane and simple” travel advice coupled with their outrageous travel stories!

Beating The Travel Bug When You Can’t Travel

Despite the overexposure to travel inspiration and photographs through social media, most of us don’t spend the better part of our time traveling abroad. There are plenty of reasons for this. We can’t travel because of health, money scheduling issues or more. It can be frustrating to be in one place when you feel the rest of the world calling to you, but what do we do when traveling really isn’t attainable in the near future? There are still ways to explore other cultures without having to travel.

Introducing Plane & Simple

At, we’re always scouring the internet for the best travel hacks and secret destinations. We’ll be sitting down with some serious travel enthusiasts over the next few months as they share their favorite travel tips, tricks and adventures.

Our first Plane & Simple feature will be on Rick & Sandi of the Midlife Road Trip. You might recognize them from a Twitter chat we did in April about travel prep, hacks, and air travel experiences. They’ll be covering their favorite

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