Airlines Continue to Charge

Hungry for a pre-flight cookie?  Want a meal?  How about a drink of water?  Be sure you have cash on you, or that you’ve brought your own food and water in security-approved containers, else you’re going to have a very hungry flight.  The need for cash is only temporary though; soon you’ll be able to use plastic to buy your water or pillow.

Charging for something like a cookie or an elaborate meal may be understandable, though the price of those used to be built into your ticket.  Charging for items such as a bottle of water though could prove more than inconvenient.  As the weeks go by, travel by airline seems to get more and more expensive, but it’s no fun to be grounded when you could be enjoying one last summer vacation.

That’s why ParkSleepFly wants to help to save you money by providing affordable reservations for your hotel room and parking near the airport so that you can make your flight without the stress of morning traffic and lines, and without feeling as though you’ve been forced into paying extra for what you need.

Packages include a hotel room and a given number of days of parking that usually amount to far less than parking at the airport, which can cost, at minimum, eight dollars per day.  Over one week that’s already more than fifty dollars to simply park!

Say yes to ParkSleepFly, and say no to extra charges!

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