10 Best Budget Destinations for March

If you have cabin fever but you’re sticking to a set budget, you may think you’re destined to endure the cold until June. But fear not dear readers; March is one of the best months for budget travel! Many of the winter crowds are dying down and it’s still too early for summer travelers, which translates to great deals on flights and hotels. To help you get started, here are the 10 best budget destinations you can enjoy this March.

1.) Montreal, Canada 
Although it may seem crazy to head north while it’s still cold, March is a great time to visit Montreal. You get a taste of European culture with the cobblestone streets and cafes that line them without having to travel far, and prices in March are the best you’ll find year-round in this gorgeous city.

2.) Montego Bay, Jamaica 
With temperatures hovering around the mid-80’s for most of March, Jamaica is the perfect respite for those seeking warm temperatures, blue waters, and tropical vibes. Flights are inexpensive from the East coast and you can find amazing deals on accommodations at this time of year.

3.) Cancun, Mexico 
Families and couples alike will have no problem finding rooms, restaurants, and activities that fit within their budget and within their lifestyle. March in Cancun is bliss, provided you avoid spring break. The crowds are low, the weather is dreamy and your wallet won’t feel abused.

4.) Lima, Peru 
As one of the cheapest South American destinations, Lima has a little bit of something for everyone without large price tags. Adventurers will love Peru for its limitless activities, foodies appreciate the cheap (yet delicious) cuisine, and families rave about the ideal weather and the friendly locals.

5.) Tuscon, Arizona 
If you want to stay within the U.S. but need to get out of this bitter cold, head to Arizona. Tuscon has gorgeous landscapes coupled with a great downtown rife with reasonably priced food, lodging, and entertainment options.

6.) New Orleans, Louisiana 
Home to Mardi Gras, one of the best free festivals in the world, New Orleans is surprisingly economical for budget travelers. Cheap accommodations abound and people watching here is completely free, not to mention extremely entertaining!

7.) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 
If you’re dreaming of lounging at an all-inclusive resort and having all of your needs and desires met by gracious staff without spending a small fortune, Punta Cana is the spot for you. If you avoid Easter week, you’ll enjoy a relaxing and quiet stay at really great prices.

8.) Atlanta, Georgia 
Those who need some southern hospitality in their life should give hip Atlanta a shot. You can fly there affordably from most of the United States and there’s a multitude of hotels and restaurants that are reasonably priced right in the heart of the city- something you can’t find in most other large cities.

9.) Chiang Mai, Thailand 
For a place brimming with such natural beauty, it’s almost surprising that Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest cities in the world to visit. Feast on 4-course meals for mere dollars and enjoy free and cheap activities like hiking and exploring the sanctuaries and stunning national parks.

10.) Cairo, Egypt 
If Egypt has been on your bucket list, March is the cheapest (and best) time to visit this iconic destination. The temperature isn’t yet sweltering, although it’s pleasantly warm and Cairo has a lot of budget accommodations and eateries to get you through your trip without breaking your budget.


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