Hidden Gems to Visit for 4th of July

Hidden Gems to Visit for 4th of July

Everyone loves a great Independence Day celebration with the yearly traditions like barbecuing, lighting fireworks and wearing fashionable American flag apparel. But why not try something different this year? Jet off to any one of these of hidden gems this fourth of July for a holiday that will go down in (your family’s) history. 

The Best Nature Photos on Instagram This Week

Its that time again for us to highlight our favorite nature photos of the week from Instagram.

Beating The Travel Bug When You Can’t Travel

Despite the overexposure to travel inspiration and photographs through social media, most of us don’t spend the better part of our time traveling abroad. There are plenty of reasons for this. We can’t travel because of health, money scheduling issues or more. It can be frustrating to be in one place when you feel the rest of the world calling to you, but what do we do when traveling really isn’t attainable in the near future? There are still ways to explore other cultures without having to travel.

Best Books to Read on Vacation this Summer

summer books to read on vacation

Even people who aren’t avid readers can’t deny the compulsion to pick up a good book once summer rolls around. Something about the fresh air or sunshine exposes our desire to lounge about, stepping into another reality with an enticing novel. If you want to lose yourself for a few hours, pick up one of these sizzling summer reads.

Top Travel Tips from Our First #ParkSleepFly Twitter Chat

Last month we did our very first Twitter chat on the ParkSleepFly Twitter account! We were very happy to have Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna of MidLifeRoadTrip.tv as our Twitter chat hosts.