Traveling with a Theme

Themed travel isn’t a new concept, but it wasn’t always the most popular slice of the travel pie. 20 years ago, you had to be downright fanatical to take a trip centered around pop culture themes like movies, books, TV shows or bands. But this concept of traveling with a theme has been steadily gaining traction in recent years thanks to movies like ‘Wild’ and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ as well as the advent of tour companies that offer curated experiences for travelers suffering from tourism boredom.

Theme Idea: Explore (and camp!) the west coast in a classic car.

Now, there’s no shortage of themed trips to be had. You can take a trip centered around a hobby, event or just something you enjoy. You can do everything from a nudist cruise to a ‘Jurassic Park‘ trek through the jungle. Some people take road trips based around famous hamburger joints and others vacation at resorts featuring their favorite comedians. No matter where your interests lie, there’s a trip that’s perfect for you. Let us help you find it with our guide to traveling with a theme!

5 Things Not to Do at Hotel Check-in and Check-out

Although most people regard check-in/check-out as the second most aggravating part of the vacation (behind the flight,) those people underestimate how this experience can affect your vacation. Checking-in usually provides your very first impression of your accommodations, and that impression can make or break your trip. And although most people skip the check-out experience, it can help to improve a bad experience, or even top off an amazing vacation. Take a look at our list of the top five things not to do at hotel check-in and check-out to make your next overnight trip a marvelous success!

1.) Don’t Be Shy

You can’t get what you want without asking for it! Check-in is the best time to find out everything you’ll need to know during your stay, like check out time and the hotel’s amenities that you can utilize. It’s also the best time to see if you can snag any free perks like a free upgrade, late check-out or even signing up for any specials the hotel might offer like free rentals that they don’t openly advertise. Ask for anything else you may want or need while you’re here, too. You can ask for extra pillows or toiletries, an extra ice bucket or a mattress topper. But remember to always ask for these things politely and with a nice smile; don’t behave as if the employee is required to fulfill your request. If you build a good rapport with a member of the hotel staff, you may be surprised by the extra upgrades you can receive. 

Traveling in a Techy Millennial World 

There’s no denying that the millennial generation has changed the world in a myriad of ways these past few decades, with the travel industry being one of the most heavily impacted. Millennials are traveling more than any other generation before them, and hold a strong emphasis on a healthy work/life balance. They account for over $180 billion dollars in tourism revenue annually!


Because of this (and their adeptness with technology), a multitude of apps, programs, and websites have been created to reduce pain points within the traveling process. And thanks to the instant gratification nature of the millennial generation, they’ve made travel information instantly available at the swipe of a screen, and the entire traveling process (from researching a destination to your ride home from the airport) cheaper, safer and more efficient.

New and Noteworthy Travel Apps

If you’re traveling this year, you’ll want to have some handy apps at your disposal to help you along the way. New apps are being created daily and since the travel industry is a multi-billion dollar market, countless travel apps in particular emerge every year. Granted, not all are worthy of your time or money, but some are just too good to do without! To help you wade through the sea of newcomers, we’ve gone through the newest travel apps and compiled our top 7 favorites of the bunch.


1. WiFi Map

Conveniently available for both Apple and Android products, this handy little travel app is a lifesaver for anyone who has to work while on vacation. You’ll never have to worry about data charges or hunting down a free wi-fi spot ever again thanks to this crowd-sourcing app. Members all over the world can enter any free wifi spots that they find into the app (along with the password needed to access the connection) in order to help future travelers save on data charges. The kindness of strangers is amazing, isn’t it? Don’t forget to return the favor and add your finds to the database.

Are You Too Sick to Travel?

Traveling while sick is not anyone’s favorite past-time. But, sometimes you absolutely have to. Maybe you can’t miss that meeting or postponing your flight would mean having to miss an important event. Sometimes it isn’t financially possible to reschedule your trip, especially since airlines are quite reluctant to give refunds (or even partial credit) unless it’s for a true emergency.


While it’s certainly not advisable, some illnesses are minor enough that you can fly under the radar. But some maladies can be exacerbated by the rigors of travel, making you much sicker than you were to begin with. And then there’s also the fact that some sicknesses are highly contagious and could impact hundreds of other passengers, particularly the young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If you’re truly on the fence about how sick you may be, how can you tell if you’re too sick to safely travel? We’re here to give you some general guidelines that will help you assess whether you should wing it or start calling the airline to reschedule your travel plans.