How Do You Experience Travel?

Traveling is one of the most subjective hobbies to have. People experience traveling in so many different ways that often what makes a vacation fabulous for one person could be a complete deal-breaker for another. Some people like to unwind and relax in a beautiful setting while being waited on hand and foot while other travelers try to see as much as they can as a native and immerse themselves in the culture of a new area. There is no right or wrong way; a vacation should be enjoyed in the manner that you would like. But, if you’ve ever come home from a trip and felt as though you should have done more (or less,) this article is for you! Read on to find new ways that you can experience your next destination! 


1. Stay in One Place 

Tours that take you through a new city every day are all the rage right now, but there’s a lot of downsides to these “land cruises.” Not only are you on the go entirely too frequently, but you never quite get to absorb the vibe of any one spot. Instead of taking a trip that tours from city to city, do your research and stay in one area that really lights your fire and get to know it intimately during your stay. 

Should Airlines Create ‘Kid-Free’ Sections on Airplanes? 

You’re preparing for a long flight: one where you may get some rest or knock out some work if you’re lucky. Then you get to the gate and see a bunch of families lined up waiting for the same flight and you start to panic. Selfishly, you may throw a little hissy fit in your head hoping that you’re seated far from any little munchkins that may interrupt your plans for this flight. We’ve all been there, so you shouldn’t feel guilty.

But what if more airlines started segregating flights to appease both parents and business travelers? Parents with small children don’t want to be glared at for an entire flight, and people wishing to work or rest on flights would appreciate those where children were at a minimum. So, would you pay a premium if you could have a separate cabin that catered to families only? How much more would you pay for a flight that was strictly adults-only to ensure children would be completely absent on your trip? There’s a movement growing in the airline industry calling for separate cabins or whole flights that are child-free. Keep reading to get all of the details on this hot debate. 

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Travel 

You may think that you’re doing everything right when you travel. You perused blog posts, found good deals and booked highly-rated tour packages. You’re going to have the time of your life, right? Well, maybe and maybe not. Nowadays, traveling is all about the authentic experience for explorers, not the tourist trap destinations packed to the gills with selfie-taking vacationers. We’re not saying you’ll have a bad time if you head to the iconic spots, we’re just saying that your travel experience could probably be enhanced a bit. Take a look at our list of the top three things you may be doing to sabotage your own relaxing getaway! 

The Art of the Weekender

Longer trips seem to be the focus of vacation planning, but don’t forget about the weekends! Weekend trips allow you to travel to places closer to home and offer a nice respite from the normal grind.  Every weekend warrior knows that the perfect weekender bag is key to a successful trip.  It’s an art finding the right bag… but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of options for you. Read on for our top picks.


1. The Leather Bag: Durable and timeless, the leather weekender will fit into any setting, whether it’s a trip into town or a rustic stay in the woods.

Is the Cell Phone Destroying Vacations?

Have you ever been in a gorgeous locale, taking in the scenery and happened to glance over and see someone more engrossed in their cell phone than the destination they’re supposed to be enjoying? I’d bet money that you have seen this everywhere, not just while on vacation. You can’t go anywhere noteworthy in this day and age without seeing people either buried in their cell phones or hoisting them up in the air at all angles in an attempt to get the perfect Instagram-worthy picture. What joy people used to get in relishing an experience has now been replaced by making sure to capture the “perfect” picture. Read on to see how cell phones have changed the modern vacation.