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Located in Romulus, a suburb of Detroit, the Detroit Metro Airport (officially Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport / DTW) humble beginning started in 1927 when  Wayne County  authorities first began planning for the airport.  It has grown to become one of the busiest airports in the world.

Named the best in customer satisfaction for large airports by J.D. Powers & Associates, DTW serves over 160 destinations.  One of the most up-to-date and modern airports in the country, Detroit Metro has six major runways and two terminals. 

The airport has two terminals, Edward H McNamara Terminal and North Terminal.  The McNamara Terminal has three concourses and is the second largest airport terminal in the United States.  It also boasts the ExpressTram which can transport a traveler from one end of Concourse A to the other end in just over three minutes.  Westin Hotel is directly connected with the terminal and guests can obtain a pass to enter the concourse.  The guests go through security checkpoints and pass the normal background checks.  However, once through they can browse through the shops and eat at any of the restaurants in the airport.

DTW is the second largest hub in the country for Delta Airlines.

Both terminals have state-of-the-art baggage x-ray machines and has helped in reducing the lost baggage claims and has helped bags arrive at their designated destinations.

Detroit Metro has many outstanding stores from local shopes, such as Henry Ford Museum and Motown Records to national chains such as Brooks Brothers and PGA Tour Shop. 

  McNamara Terminal Airlines

  • Air France
  • Delta Airlines
  • Delta Connection
  • Chautauqua Airlines
  • Comair
  • Compass Airlines
  • Mesaba Airlines
  • Pinnacle Airlines
  • Shuttle America

North Terminal Airlines

  • Air Canada
  • AirTran Airways
  • American Airlines
  • American Eagle
  • Continental Airlines
  • Continental Express
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Republic Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines
  • ExpressJet Airlines
  • GoJet Airlines
  • Mesa Airlines
  • SkyWest Airlines
  • Shuttle America
  • Trans States Airlines
  • US Airways
  • Air Wisconsin
  • Republic Airlines



City Information

Founded in 1701, Fort Ponchartrain du Detroit was settled by French-Canadians and by 1765 was the largest city between Montreal and New Orleans. When the British captured the fort during the French and Indian war, its name was shortened to merely Detroit. 

The city became a major transportation hub due to its location with the Great Lakes and easy access to the St. Lawrence Seaway.  Detroit grew steadily due to the need of shipping, shipbuilding and manufacturing industries. 

However, Henry Ford brought the most fame to Detroit when the Ford Motor Company was founded.  Ford, along with other automotive pioneers cemented Detroit's status as the automotive manufacturing capital of the world, aka Motor City.  Detroit is also the home of General Motors and the Chrysler Group. Henry Ford sped up production by developing the assembly line, which revolutionized the growing car industry making vehicles available for everyone.

Detroit is also known for its contribution to the music scene.  It has several music festivals yearly, encompassing jazz, blues, opera, techno, and is the home of Motown Records.  Founded by Barry Gordy, Motown Records played a role in crossover music from popular music and African-American artists.

Culturally diverse, Detroit has many museums, the Detroit Institute of the Arts, the Detroit Historical Museum, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Detroit Science Center, just to name a few.  The largest museum is located at The Henry Ford.  It is the country's largest indoor-outdoor museum complex.  You also don't want to miss the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle.  Detroit is also second in the country for having the most theater seats.  The city features most musical and theatrical performances.

Detroit also has a very active sports fan base.  From baseball, or football, to basketball, and hockey  or auto racing a sports fan always has a venue to attend.

The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is the principal airport for the region.  It is a primary hub for Delta. Named the best in Customer Satisfaction for large airports by J.D. Powers& Associates, DTW serves over 160 destinations.