How to Unplug while on Vacation

When daydreaming about an upcoming vacation, most people picture themselves with a martini in hand and their toes buried in the sand; they don’t picture themselves with their noses buried in their phone. But, unfortunately, in this day of cell phone addictions and workaholic mentalities, the latter is probably the more likely scenario. Our generation tends to fear missing out on things so much that we miss out on some of our most anticipated experiences. We check work emails and tweet about our experiences instead of living in the moment and scroll through Facebook instead of strolling through a new and exciting city.


Street Art Around the World

Street Art Around the World

Photo by Joey Zanotti / CC BY

Street art is a widely debated topic for many cities across the world. Some cities see it as graffiti and do their best to keep it to a minimum. But then there are the cities that embrace the local artistic community and become a hot spot for art-loving tourists. Talk to any art historian and they’ll say it’s imperative to visit some of the better known “street art” sections of a city if you’re looking for the best symbolic and cultural art. Art lovers from all walks of life will appreciate these fabulous 7 cities where you can immerse yourself in vivid landscapes, realistic portraits or hysterical self-expression.

Unique Hotel Amenities


Hotel options are as diverse as the people who frequent them. With the plethora of options available, it can be hard to narrow down your potential ‘home away from home’ when you start planning a vacation. One of the things that makes a hotel really stand apart from the crowd is its available amenities. More and more hotels are offering their guests unique perks for staying with them. We’ve compiled 10 of the most amazing hotel amenities currently offered so the next time you’re looking for a truly memorable experience that’s far from ordinary, you’ll be covered!

Group Tours: What you need to know

Group tours are one of the best ways to visit a new city, and they aren’t just for solo travelers. There is a vast array of group tours available to fit all lifestyles and personalities. You can take a walking tour of NYC or a 10-day group tour around the ruins of Mexico.  There are traditional “snap-shot” group bus tours where you visit all of the big landmarks and tours that allow tourists free time to do as they wish. This variety coupled with stress-free itineraries and the chance to create some new, life-long friendships make group tours an exceedingly popular traveling choice.




1.) Meet some new friends - Whether you’re traveling alone or in a small group yourself, you are bound to strike up conversations with your fellow tour-mates as you share these new experiences together. You also gain the advantage of culture by talking to the diverse population that join group tours. And everyone knows that the best vacations are those where you come home with some new friends!


How Seasoned Travelers Get Through Airports Fast


Most people look forward to vacations with excitement, but if flying is involved, there may be a lot of trepidation, as well. Between the long lines, the security process and baggage concerns, the airport can be pretty stressful. To help calm your nerves, we’ve compiled these tips that seasoned travelers swear by to get through airports as quickly as possible.