7 Travel Safety Tips

When vacationing out in the great wide world, safety can be a concern, especially when traveling alone. But while traveling in a new city can seem scary, don’t ever give up on your dreams of visiting a particular city just because you’re feeling nervous about safety. There are precautions that you can take while on vacation to ensure that you’re as safe as possible. In order to help you feel more at ease, we’ve compiled the top seven travel safety tips to assuage any misgivings you may have.


1. Research your destination

Before you even book your trip, spend some time researching your destination. This is one of the best sites to check out before traveling: The State Department offers updated travel safety information on every country in the world. You can also read travel sites like tripadvisor.com to read other people’s experiences in particular areas to get an idea of what to expect. It’s also good to know where the closest police station is to your hotel, and research how to contact the local embassy just in case there’s a bigger issue.

How to Find Cheap Flights


Flights can take up the majority of a trip’s budget, so finding the best price can make the difference between taking that trip of a lifetime or staying home and watching Netflix. And oddly enough, despite all of the technological advances when it comes to flying, booking inexpensive flights seems to be even more nerve-wracking now than it was 20 years ago. With all of the different travel sites and airlines offering various deals coupled with all of them claiming to have the lowest prices, you could spend days searching for the best flight without ever finding that magic price point. Instead of wasting hours bouncing from one site to the next, enjoy this time-tested guide to finding cheap flights!

Books That Inspire Travel

Wanderers at heart need doses of exploration and new scenery every so often. But, we all know that life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of those traveling desires. Work, lack of money or life situations can keep us from traveling as often as we’d like, but there are band-aids that can help assuage that wanderlust. Picking up a good travel memoir or travel guide can sometimes take the edge off of not having a vacation booked for the near future. Whether you’re in a traveling rut or you just need a mental escape during this long winter, these 6 entertaining travel books are sure to reignite that adventurous spark and inspire your next getaway!


1. The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost, By Rachel Friedman

This easy-to-read personal memoir follows Rachel through her hasty decision to head to Ireland after college. While there, she meets new friends and finds herself along with a previously-latent love of travel. The story then details her adventures throughout 3 continents that bring with them numerous escapades. The “Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost” is filled with personal stories that focus on the ups and downs of working abroad and trying to hustle while also enjoying the travel experience.

Let’s Take a Virtual Vacation to Iceland

You might be stuck in the office for the next month until spring break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a mental vacation. Travel (virtually) with us to Iceland, where the landscape is as diverse as it is breathtaking. Off we go…


Stapafell Mountain is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southern Iceland. Urban legend is that giants used to habitate this area.


Airport WiFi Passwords Across the Globe

If anyone has spent an extended amount of time in an airport, he or she knows that easy access to the internet is key to making time pass by.  But sometimes it’s hard to access the internet in airports and lounges, or even track down the password.  Look no further – this handy map lists the passwords to airports and lounges around the world.  Happy Travels!



This map has proven so helpful, it’s now become an app called WiFox.  -  Available on the App Store and Google Play.