How to Handle Problems at Home While Traveling

Written by guest author, Jane Moore.

The last thing you want to think about while traveling on vacation is home, but some travelers find themselves caught in tricky situations when they receive bad news about their homes while on the road. Below, we consider some of the steps you can take to prevent problems at home while you’re away, and offer some tips for dealing with those issues.


1. Be Proactive About Protecting Your Home While on the Road

One of the best ways to handle problems at home while traveling is to take proactive steps to protect your home and your belongings well in advance of your departure. Chances are, you know and follow the basic rules of home safety while preparing to travel: install motion sensors on the exterior of your home or make sure existing ones are in working order, use timers on varied schedules to turn your lights on and off, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and collect your mail and newspaper, and have a landscaper take care of mowing your grass or shoveling your driveway and sidewalks.

Is the Travel Information You Find Online Reliable?

In this day and age, when there are hundreds of thousands of travel apps, travel bloggers, booking sites, websites and review platforms, it’s harder than ever to tell if the information you’re receiving is legitimate and unbiased. It can be difficult for the average vacationer to sift through sponsored content (which may skew a review) or know which post on tripadvisor is from a reliable source and not the brand planting a glowing review for their establishment. If you’re unsure of where to turn when researching vacations, let us help you sift through the bogus content and get the facts you need.


1. Are you seeing the same information across multiple websites?

If you see great reviews on a variety of sites, it’s safe to assume it’s a pretty good bet. It’s always a good sign if you see the same details brought up on different sites. But, people aren’t always honest and writers will sometimes take perks from companies without divulging such to their readers. Beware the glowing review on a travel blogger’s site when other travel writers hated it or TripAdvisor shows lots of negative feedback. So, do your research utilizing a bevy of sites to ensure you don’t get suckered by a well-paid writer. 

Planning a Trip to an Unfamiliar Destination

Traveling is an exciting part of life, but heading to an unfamiliar destination may be pushing the excitement too far for some people. When there’s familiarity, it’s easy to know where to begin your vacation planning. But how exactly do you travel to a place that you know nothing about? In this post, we’ll give you step by step instructions to assuage your traveling fears and make your next trip to places unknown a reality!



Step 1: Choose a Destination & Length of Stay

First, you’ll need to figure out what kind of vacation you’d like. Would you prefer to lounge on a beach chair soaking up the sun or are you dying to explore a cultural hot-spot? Do you want to have a thrilling time and knock items off of your bucket list or do you need to re-energize and rejuvenate? Once you decide on your vacation style, you should be able to narrow down your destination options. Minube is a fun app to try. It suggests destinations based on your mood and other factors. If you have a few places in mind, do google searches for “experiences” or “vacations” in your chosen destination cities for comparison.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Vacation

Ecotourism is the newest booming trend in the travel industry and for good reason. With so many travelers venturing deeper into the world’s most remote places, we humans are leaving quite the footprint. In an effort to preserve these beautiful and wild places, more tourists are turning to eco-friendly vacations that minimize their environmental footprint in these wild areas. If you’re dying to explore an exotic locale, but want to do so in an environmentally-responsible way, take a look at these three great eco-tours!


Trip #1: The Wild Side of China, A Nature Odyssey



Experience China in a way you never thought possible with this fabulous tour offered by Natural Habitat Adventures in conjunction with the WWF. This eco-tour takes you into the Minshan Mountains of the Sichuan province to get you up close and personal with one of the world’s most endangered species: the Giant Panda. Venturing out in small groups of only about a dozen people or so, the tour visits 3 panda research facilities where you can learn all about pandas and their habitats. You’re offered the opportunity to volunteer your time to help in a variety of ways from cleaning enclosures to preparing panda meals.

Top Historical Sites in Europe

There is no better continent for history buffs to visit than Europe. There are countless historical treasures peppered throughout all of the countries, each with its own charm and mesmerizing backstory. If you’re planning a visit to Europe, you should add a educational element and be mentally transported back in time with these top seven historical sites!


1. Ruins of Pompeii, Province of Naples, Italy


If you’re headed to Italy, you have to plan a visit to one of the most intriguing historical sites to ever exist. The famously doomed city of Pompeii was covered in lava and ash almost 2000 years ago when Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted. This resulted in an almost instant death for Pompeii’s unfortunate residents but created a perfectly preserved city. Today you can visit to get a glimpse of daily life as it was in 79 A.D. when Pompeii was a bustling Roman empire. The buildings still contain preserved people as they were going about their day as well as all of their belongings such as furniture, gold, and tools. Seeing a city frozen in time almost 2000 years ago makes for an enlightening historical trip!