Tips for Traveling Light

Everyone loves to travel, but nobody loves the headache that comes with packing for their getaway – or the backache that results from lugging 50 lbs. of luggage through an airport. That’s not even taking exorbitant bag fees into consideration. With Memorial Day kicking off the summer travel season, cut out the headache (and the added fees) on your next trip by following these great tips for traveling light.


Travel Trends of 2016

Trends are certainly nothing new in the fashion industry or the technology sector, but I bet you didn’t know they extend to the travel industry, as well. Travel itself is pretty trendy, so make it even more on point by following these 5 travel trends of 2016.


1.) Bleisure Travel (Business + Leisure)
Business Travel

Take advantage of your business trips, Photo by mxmstryo / CC BY

With more corporations putting emphasis on healthy work-life balances, business trips have become quite more exciting. It’s a mini vacation on your employer’s dime, so it’s really no wonder this is a trend right now! Many companies now allow families to join employees for trips over long weekends and give employees the flexibility to roam. Thanks to modern-day technology and our ability to be constantly connected, workers spend less time chained to desks and conference centers and more time exploring new destinations.

Your Guide to Philadelphia

View from City Hall, Photo by Norman Maddeaux / CC BY-ND

If you’re searching for your next vacation destination, look no further than the City of Brotherly Love.  Philadelphia was named Lonely Planet’s #1 Best City to Visit in the US in 2016, and for good reason: the history, the architecture, the food…  I lived in Philly for 8 years before moving away last summer, so you could say I know my way around.  Allow me to guide you through the streets of Philly, from historic sites to local hotspots.


The Best Hotel Views around the World

One of the most magnificent aspects of traveling is taking in new sights and exploring new territory. If you’d like to have your cake and eat it, too, choose a hotel that incorporates fabulous views.
Four Seasons, Sydney

Photo by Sarah Ackerman / CC BY

You won’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy the beauty of your vacation destination.  Here are 7 of the best hotel views in the world to help you plan your next trip!

15 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation Now

Take a Vacation Now

Pavel Lukichev

Sometimes you just need a break. But we all know that’s much easier said than done. Perhaps you feel like you don’t deserve a vacation or your career responsibilities keep you from enjoying your vacation time. Maybe you feel as though you’re job will suffer if you pack up and leave for a week. But, studies actually show that taking a vacation is beneficial to your career! Here are 15 reasons why you should take a vacation now. So stop daydreaming about sandy beaches and start packing!