How Seasoned Travelers Get Through Airports Fast


Most people look forward to vacations with excitement, but if flying is involved, there may be a lot of trepidation, as well. Between the long lines, the security process and baggage concerns, the airport can be pretty stressful. To help calm your nerves, we’ve compiled these tips that seasoned travelers swear by to get through airports as quickly as possible.

Tech for the Modern Traveler


Gone are the days of poring over maps while on vacation and cramming for overseas trips with foreign language CD’s right before your flight. Vacationing in 2016 is easier than ever for modern travelers thanks to the emergence of some very savvy tech products. From smart apps to smart luggage, traveling has become a breeze! Streamline your next vacation and make it remarkably easier with these 7 great travel products.


All About Wellness Vacations

Vacationing at a wellness resort is one of the hottest traveling trends right now. No longer do people want to just come back refreshed from vacation; they want to come back as new and improved versions of themselves. Our vacation time is quite the precious resource, and more people like to multi-task by combining vacation and self-improvement at the same time. And it’s never been easier to accomplish this!


This multi-billion dollar industry has been growing in leaps and bounds, which translates to plenty of options for every budget, body and locale. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices and don’t know where to start, take a look at our list that breaks down the 4 different types of wellness vacations to help you find the one that best suits your goals, comfort level and frame of mind.

The 10 Top Tips for Traveling Solo

Everyone has that one travel item on their bucket list that has been waiting for the right companion. But why wait for a partner? Traveling alone isn’t as frightening as you may think. More people are traveling alone now than ever before!

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Traveling by yourself opens up opportunities to make new friendships, experience things you may not have been able to otherwise and affords you the time to recharge and self-reflect in ways you never could when traveling with others. And since solo traveling has been so trendy, the travel industry has been focusing a lot of time and attention on stag travelers, meaning better perks and prices for your escapade. If you’d like to take the plunge, but still have cold feet, take a look at these 10 tips for traveling solo to help you get over your trepidation.


Tips for Traveling Light

Everyone loves to travel, but nobody loves the headache that comes with packing for their getaway – or the backache that results from lugging 50 lbs. of luggage through an airport. That’s not even taking exorbitant bag fees into consideration. With Memorial Day kicking off the summer travel season, cut out the headache (and the added fees) on your next trip by following these great tips for traveling light.