The Knee Defender: Good, Bad or A Big Joke?

To recline or not recline, that is the question. Anyone who has traveled on an international or domestic flight in the economy/coach class will have one or two uncomfortable stories to tell about their seating arrangements. With airlines keen to maximize their profits, space in the coach class is at an absolute minimum. If people recline their seats too much, they are more than likely to inconvenience another passenger.


The Knee Defender

One company seems to have come up with a solution to the matter. They are calling this product the “Knee Defender.” It is a small gadget that can be bought for under $30. The Knee Defender is clipped to the seat tray area in front of a passenger, which stops the seat in front from reclining.

The Knee Defender has been around for a few years, but it recently gained popularity after two passengers got into an intense argument on an airline. One of the passengers was using the Knee Defender to stop the other passenger’s seat from reclining. Passenger B got incredibly upset when he realized that Passenger A was purposefully preventing him from reclining his seat.

Should Children Travel Alone?

There are many reasons that could lead to a child having to fly on their own. Children attend summer camps, visit relatives, or have parents that live in different states. Sometimes a parent does not have the time or resources to accompany a child on the plane, which means they have to travel alone.

Due to the speedy and safe nature of air travel, children being unaccompanied on a plane is not unusual. For example, Southwest Airlines estimates that around 300,000 unaccompanied kids traveled on its airlines in the last year alone.

Kids flying solo may be a common occurrence, but it is still important for parents to plan these trips well in advance. Most unaccompanied minors are sent on direct flights, which reduces the need for transiting in airports and eliminates switching of planes. However, plans can go awry due to bad weather, scheduling issues or other unforeseen circumstances. It is crucial that parents prepare their kids for all possible outcomes when they are flying alone.

Should Wi-Fi be free in hotels?

One of the ironies of business travel is that many of the higher end hotels that businessmen and businesswomen stay at charge an additional fee for Wi-Fi. The reason why this is ironic is because a backpacker who stays at an eight dollar a night hostel is likely to have free high-speed Internet included in their stay.


Supply and Demand

Many business travelers have asked why. Why is it that some hotels charges for Wi-Fi, while others that are usually on the lower end of the spectrum, give it to their guests for free?

One of the arguments that have been made is that business travelers need Internet. For them, it is not a luxury. So even if a hotel charges for it, the business traveler will pay. However, a backpacker may be just as content walking down to the local Internet café and paying a few dollars to be connected to the Internet for an hour or so.

Another argument is that business travelers can claim the Internet as an expense. It goes against their taxes. In most cases, business travelers are not fronting the expense for their hotel stay anyway, so why not charge them for a service they are going to use?

Airport Parking Blackout Rates


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FCC Allows Cell Phone Use On Flights



Hallelujah! We can finally use our phones even more than we already do!

The FCC has allowed phones to be on during plane rides. Long gone are the days where flight attendants hound you to turn off your phones and electronic devices every five minutes before the flight takes off.