Top 4 Places to Visit in Spring 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia

Right after the brisk winters and right before the summer crowd, Vancouver is an excellent place to visit during Spring. You’ll enjoy an invigorating weather with reduced expenditures as travel expenses are generally cheaper before the busy summer.

What makes Vancouver an ideal place to visit during Spring is the mountain conditions for snow activities. The weather isn’t too cold and the snow is marshmallow soft making it perfect for beginners to fall on and seasoned mountain riders to carve. Check out the three major mountains in Vancouver for your next trip: Whisler BlackcombGrouse Mountain, and Cypress Mountain.

To truly have a taste of Vancouver you can attend the Eat! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival that is held from April 26th – May3rd. Discover new foods, learn new cooking tips and recipes, and try new beverages at one of Canada’s largest food and cooking festival. Admission tickets are only $15 online for adults, but your save room in your wallet for a large appetite!

Infographic: Traveling Solo or With a Travel Group?

Ever traveled with a travel group and wished you could deviate from the group and just traveled alone? Or how about the opposite and traveling alone wishing that you had more people to experience your journey with?

Whether you are a lone traveler or a travel groupie, there are always pros and cons of traveling alone and traveling with people. So of course I had to create an infographic to show the benefit of each group based on different travel scenarios to answer the ultimate question: who would you rather travel with?

Infographic: Traveling Solo or With a Travel Group? Lands in the United Kingdom! has come a long way since we first started in 2000. We’ve provided more than 3 million reservations for our travelers and continue to grow that number every year. Our success comes from the partner’s we choose to provide parking lot inventory and the fluid user experience of our website to allow travelers to reserve airport parking with ease.

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The Most Ridiculous Travel Product

In our last voting session we asked our travelers to vote for the most ridiculous travel product. The highest voted product will win the undisputed title of The Most Ridiculous Travel product, and here are the results!

  • Last Place: Plane Sheets - 263 Votes
  • 3rd Place: Skyrest Pillow - 362 Votes
  • 2nd Place: B-Tourist Strip - 793 Votes
  • 1st Place: The Ostrich Pillow - 1002 Votes

Thanks for playing and we hope you got a good laugh out of these ridiculous products!


When it comes to traveling there are many products on the market that travelers would never travel without such as a comfy travel pillow for those long trips or a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Although most travel products are designed to benefit the traveler, there are always those several products that are just plain ridiculous.

So we searched the web (literally googled “ridiculous travel products”) and picked out four rather hilarious products for you to vote on in our latest voting segment called: “Ridiculous or Functional?” The highest voted travel product will win the undisputed title of “Most Ridiculous Travel Product.” So without further ado let’s introduce the contenders.


Plane Sheets

Plane Sheets

source: planesheets

Weighing in at a staggering 2 pounds we have the travel product that calls itself “Plane Sheets”. Plane sheets is the original airline seat covers that promotes a cleaner way to air travel by covering your plane seat with a fresh Plane Sheet. The idea is definitely attractive to people who have good hygienes, but the product falls short with its absurd designs ranging from camouflage to bright plaid.

B-Tourist Strip

B Tourist Strip

source: designboom

With a reach of 34 inches we have a travel product that goes by the name “B-Tourist Strip”. This nifty piece of fabric is similar to Plane Sheets except that it is for people who truly want privacy on a plane. We’re not sure if privacy or attention if what this product brings, but if you’re embarrassed by how you look when asleep then this product may just be for you.

Skyrest Travel Pillow

Skyrest Travel Pillow

source: skymall

This next contender may look like a mini punching bag, but don’t let its feeble appearance fool you – this product is actually a comfy pillow! People sleep in many different ways and hugging a pillow to drift into bliss is nothing out of the ordinary. Although hugging a pillow to fall asleep on a airplane looks silly to most people, at least you’ll be fast asleep and refreshed when you land.

The Ostrich Pillow

If you thought the Skyrest Travel Pillow was ridiculous then you’ll fall in love (or asleep) with our last contender – The Ostrich Pillow. It may not have the speed of an ostrich, but it’ll definitely be the fastest way to look ridiculous. The good thing about this product is that it covers your eyes so you won’t be able to see how many blank stares you’ll get in public.

Well there you have it – our top 4 contenders competing for the title of “Most Ridiculous Travel Product”. So what do you think of these products – Ridiculous or Functional? You can vote now by casting your vote (or ranking your choices) in the comments below. Also let us know if you have any other ridiculous travel products to add to our list. Have fun!

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